Huang Bowen said the world is the next wave Mongolia can take champion to get Huang Bowen to celebrate sina sports news on November 27th, in the 2016 FA Cup final second round of the competition, Guangzhou Heng brigade away against Jiangsu Suning team. The constant brigade twice came from behind twice to tie, the two sides drew 2-2. Heng brigade away goals advantage, won the FA Cup champion of the Super League, at the same time, a super cup for a three time winner 2016. In the second half of the game, the constant brigade will replace Huang Bowen captain Zheng Zhi Huang Bowen in the game, Hengda behind the case, with a superb strike again to help Hengda equaliser. This is not the first time Huang Bowen scored in the case of Hengda lag or deadlock. This night, Xiao Huang once again turn the tide. After the game, Huang Bowen is very calm, talked about the goal, said: at that time, Yu Hanchao Huang came to me after I came to the foot, because it was not around my defense. When asked is not pick the dead eye shot, Huang Bowen repeatedly said: No, no, this is like a great shot, Mongolia mongolia. This is not the first time that pats his goal is "Mongolia", this is undoubtedly genuine humble words. In fact, if it is only a two time or luck, but often able to break into this critical goal, obviously this is the strength of Huang Bowen. When it comes to playing before Scolari was told, Huang Bowen said: coach is that I have to stop, in the defense to stop position, after all the other two foreign aid is very good, should pay attention to the defense of foreign aid. Get three trophies, Huang Bowen said happily: today’s finals is not good play, and people in the home court, won the championship is very happy. Today the opponent performance is also very good, we do not adapt to the second half, Paulinho is the key that we Hengda is the strongest, we still want to get all to get the championship. (Yu Jing from Nanjing)