Hunan deaf people were buried in death forklift driver negligence arrest – Sohu news station Suying lifetime photos. Family members for the Hunan Provincial Public Security Bureau of micro-blog bulletin. Deaf people in Hunan County of Yueyang suspected cases of death alive with the latest progress of the surging news () reported nearly two hours later, the Hunan Provincial Public Security Bureau official certification of micro-blog @ Hunan Public Security Online Publishing bulletin said, Chen Department of wrongful death, in September 30th, it was Yueyang County Procuratorate approved the arrest. Previously, surging news reports, September 27th, Zhongzhou Hunan province Yueyang County Township deaf Suying station was died in the sand in the landfill, the family suspected his encounter human alive. Family members said the station had Suying at a local silicon placer company working in the morning of September 27th, 6 pm, he entered the mine tunnel cleaning sand pit. At noon the day of the dinner time, mine colleagues no station looking, Suying dining, he was finally found in the sand pit landfill in a pile of sand stone, the dig to everybody all flurry and confusion, already dead. The families questioned, the death of the family suspected Suying station, is with Chen Mousheng to work for the purpose. Deceased brother Su Xianyong told the surging news, working with Chen Mousheng’s Suying station Yueyang County Zhongzhou Xiang Yang Shan Cun an Si placer, because the working relationship, the two had occurred during the work of many conflicts, so the contradiction between nodes. The second half of 2015, Chen was called the deceased brother, said Suying standing in the company to kill him, "H". Since then, Su Jiaceng find local village heads and Chen students coordinated, but two people have not yet resolved the contradiction. The morning of October 7th, the Hunan Provincial Public Security Bureau official certification of micro-blog @ Hunan Public Security Online reported that in September 27th after the incident, Yueyang County Public Security Bureau police station immediately assigned Zhongzhou rushed to the scene to rescue the wounded, the suspect control, investigation work, and quickly set up in the criminal investigation brigade, Zhongzhou police station and other members of the elite police task force to carry out field investigation, the criminal investigation experiments and investigation work. The investigation, Chen Moumou (battlefield forklift driver) and Su Moumou (deaf; battle shagong into drying; drying furnace cleaning sand filter sand plate used) Department of battlefield colleagues, no contradiction. The day of the incident, Chen Moumou driving forklift to bake sand sand machine, because of negligence, mistake the Su Moumou death landfill. September 28th, the County Public Security Bureau on the case investigation. The same day, the suspect Moumou criminal detention according to law. September 30th, Yueyang County Procuratorate approved the arrest. Currently, the case is still further processing.