Live for a long time to see the Lakers and the players trained Marshal! Actually pass you too young team to conquer ah sina sports news Beijing time on September 25th, according to the bleachers reported that the Losangeles Lakers new coach Luke – Walton has been the team’s praise. According to Lakers reserve center Black said, in the team’s 5v5 training, Luke Walton conquered the players with his excellent passing. Luke of the age of players – Walton is an organization forward, he is the kind of player who plays with the brain. Although retired for many years, but Walton’s basic skills and vision still exist. According to Black revealed that in a confrontation with the Lakers players in the field, Walton with his pass to conquer the players. "His passing ability. Oh, my God. He can still conquer us by direct transmission." Black said to Walton, "you know he can’t run now. And there’s a problem with his back. He can only do that now. But his passing ability is still amazing." "It shows us what he wants. His demonstration can make it easier for us to master. We like to play with him, how can you play with your coach? And I can talk to him." Black continued, "and then you begin to understand what he really cares about. He played with us on the pitch. He was with us on the pitch. In this process, we build trust and relationship with each other so as to be successful. This is a culture of mutual concern." Luke – Walton is the love of the Lakers, because unlike the old strict Byron – Scott, Walton young and gentle, but also can mingle with the players. At the same time, Walton is using his basketball philosophy to convince his players. So Luke – Walton is the best coach for the lakers. (Rosen)