Only in the table under the swing sitting to be able to lose weight you believe every day to sit at a desk code 8 hours, this is a direct result of these small weight straight we rise, many people see the first sentence is "you should lose weight". But this is simply a luxury for the office workers, because there is no time to root, a day of hard work is not left much physical strength. So you can sit down to lose weight, want to? HOVR is a PPT in the office all weave beautiful guy sitting on the props can lose weight. Its shape looks a little like a swing, there is a lanyard extension to the soles of the feet. This seemingly simple design has a fitness function, and has obtained patent authorization, used only need to put your foot on the pedal swing can be, whether office or home can be used, also won’t affect others. In addition, it also has a version of the stand alone, with the use of the sofa. You want to monitor your own physical condition with a motion sensor to monitor the amount of heat consumed by these movements. According to the research shows that even if the sitting in the state of foot movement, will also be helpful to health, a long time down will consume a lot of calories. Congratulations, step into the first step to lose weight. Obviously, the concept of HOVR is very popular, has now completed 1300% of the congregation to raise the target. HOVR there are 2 versions, installed in the table below the "swing" version is priced at $65, freestanding version for $125, more than the installation of a motion monitor for $33, in October this year. Such an easy way to lose weight, slightly fat on the recent very little OL might have a great attraction.