Paul was the only large cap screw plate outbreak of 1 instantaneous fatal mistakes ruin a good score [] Paul’s thigh! The key moment even 5 points to open the situation today in the November 3rd sports Tencent hearing the Clippers lost to 83-85 in the home court of thunder, 3 game winning streak end. Chris – Paul played 33 minutes, 11 throw in 4 (three of 4 shots, 6 free throws in 5) with 15 points, 11 rebounds, 9 assists, 6 steals, very comprehensive data. However, Paul appeared 5 turnovers, the presence of the efficiency value of -7, the last moment of his fatal mistake ruined the Clippers bureau. Paul poor overall performance this season, the 31 year old Paul is still the top point guard, he averaged 20 points, 7.3 assists, 4.3 rebounds and 2.3 steals, both ends are the color. Since Paul, do not fear the thunder and Russell – Weiss Brook, assists against the thunder he averaged 21 points, 13 times last season. But today, Paul in the face of some of the thunder performance downturn, the entire first half of the war did not score goals. The first section of the game, Paul is ready to convert layups in the attack, the result was Robertson chase big hat. War movement suck, Paul can only rely on "cheat" are somewhat sporadic. For example, the second section of the game, he used the experience in the backcourt ball lied to the free throw line Wei Shao a foul, finally broke the scoring drought. Paul is the best of the traditional guard, his organization is very good, the first half of Paul also did not pass the ball, the problem is Reddick and others feel bad, his passing pressure conversion into Root assists, most of the time has been lagging behind the clippers. The second half, the Clippers trailed by 10 points, Paul finally stood up, he beat the little Wei defensive hit the difficult back buzzer three points in the right corner. The third section 6 minutes and 17 seconds, Paul performed a high screen and roll him down, Robertson took advantage of the gap in the breakthrough, Robertson lying on the ground, Paul adjusted in the arc, easily hit the three ball. In the next round, Paul breakthrough in the regulation of defense, one handed swing, the ball fell to the free throw line in the vicinity of the hands of the Griffin, the latter easily hit the hit, the difference narrowed to only 1 points. Paul is like this, he may be depressed for some time, but his outbreak only need a moment. The first three sections of Paul and Wei less direct positioning is not too much, but the fourth decisive moment, two super star of the real thing a. The fourth section 6 minutes and 23 seconds, Wei has tight against the defending Paul, dry Stubbs has hit Paul after the trial step. You know, Paul height, bounce may be less than Wei, but he still broke the defense hit the ball. The next round, Paul and his teammates pick and roll, Wei less around the screen is not timely, although Adams saved the defense, but Paul is still in the distance against the cover has hit, the Clippers 78-76 counter ultra 2 points. However, in the little Sabonis hit three thunder over, Paul had a series of mistakes and mistakes by his blacksmith, Wei less use to complete the transformation of two strong attack, he in the distance to cast iron in the end, the Clippers down to 5 points, basically lose hope to win. Before the end of the game 18 seconds, Wei Shaozhong distance jumper, although Paul sent assists Jordan for a layup, but It doesn’t help the situation. Finally, although Paul blasted three double, but the Clippers still lost by the home court.