Xu Jiayin recommended Lippi as a football coach to national football career dedication – Sohu sports "in the interests of the state, even can contribute to the effect, I will fire." This is the famous Russian writer Gogol’s famous saying. Wen Jiabao became prime minister, Lin Zexu also used the phrase "if it is not due to the state of life and death, warning of weal or woe". At all times and in all countries synthesizer, all the national interests above all else.   the three party talks in football Hengda Lippi yesterday in the World Cup qualifying round of twelve first negative China soccer team, ushered in a world class coach Lippi. I understand that the original is to take over as rival coach champion, had in fact repeatedly refused the Orangemen took over the helm, why he is now willing to take over the "hot potato", behind this Hengda and Xu boss contributed.   Lippi signed Hengda foot school according to a person close to Lippi said, Hengda from the beginning of 2013 to China FA spare no effort to recommend Lippi, Hengda boss Xu India has also repeatedly create opportunities to match Lippi and china. While after the resignation of Gao Hongbo, Lippi is the most popular candidate in two aspects of official and folk, after Xu Jiayin’s invitation and personal communication, Lippi finally reached an agreement with the China Football Association, agreed to take over as national football coach. Xu Jiayin Lippi shook hands with   from yesterday friends candid photos, Cai Zhenhua and Xu Jiayin personally in Hengda center to meet Lippi, Xu Jiayin and Lippi, two old friends talk. And later informed sources, Hengda with Lippi before release the contract, then in the name of the Hengda foot school hired Lippi as a consultant team, the annual salary of 15 million 500 thousand euros.   Lippi shook hands with Cai Zhenhua, this also means that there is no relationship between Lippi and Taobao Evergrande football club, Hengda not only reluctantly part next manager recommended Lippi to China Football Association, also undertake the most of the wages of the Lippi team. Informed sources said: Xu boss said that the national honor is higher than anything, as long as it can promote the development of Chinese football, Hengda, as always, as the right to support Chinese football." Out of people, money, output, the interests of the national team is higher than the interests of the club. I think this reflects the pattern of Hengda and Xu boss, feelings and social responsibility. At that time, it is also the constant general Lang Ping support to the trough of the Chinese women’s volleyball team, only now to return to the top of the women’s volleyball team. If every person, every enterprise has such a play, so selfless, the revitalization of Chinese football point the day and await for it.