Easy tips to teach you the rapid diagnosis of cervical spondylosis – health Sohu with extensive application of computer, mobile phone and so on, changed people’s daily life, many workers have neck pain, dizziness, headache, arm numbness and discomfort to patients is also dominated by young adults, even some school children also have corresponding symptoms. People familiar with the "cervical spondylosis" has become a part of many people’s lives. In fact, cervical spondylosis that is not serious, but the attack has great influence on the life of someone the incidence of neck pain and limited activity (not someone turned), manifested as headache, dizziness and even some vomiting. The following Xiaobian teach method for rapid diagnosis of cervical spondylosis is simple and easy to learn you a few strokes: 1, head, neck, shoulder is heavy, pain and other abnormal sensation, and accompanied by tenderness point; 2, neck pain often have to shoulder and upper limb radiation; 3, tough feeling on neck, activity limitation, the neck playing sound; 4, will often feel numbness in the hand, electric shock like; 5, often feel dizziness, headache, visual rotation; 6, how often do you often feel tinnitus; 7, get up, turn or turn dizziness and nausea; 8, whether the sense of heart skip fast, precordia pain; 9, supine position on the bed, raise the legs to 90 degrees angle, waist, hip pain is limited; 10, side of the waist pain, back radiation to the thigh by the hip and leg until 11 foot and leg; occasional numbness; 12, supine, self or others by hand press the pressure after the waist, lumbar median and both sides, check whether there is obvious pressure pain; 13, supine position, and then sit up, observe their lower extremity pain and whether the knee flexion; 14, often feel leg weakness and, trembling, clumsy gait; 15 often feel nausea and vomiting, no sweat, sweating, bradycardia, tachycardia, respiratory rhythm irregularity; 16, whether there had been a sudden decrease in upper limb strength, holding the landing history; 17, whether the urination and defecation disorders, gastrointestinal disorders such as 3; the above line, it should be suspected of cervical disease; diagnosis, must choose normal medical institutions have a certain strength for further medical examination confirmed. Acupuncture Acupuncture is one of the characteristics of traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital Department of Beijing city the first in western medicine, is a comprehensive department by three kinds of treatment methods of acupuncture, massage, physiotherapy, yijiaoyan three-in-one combination, through the development of hospital, Department of the strength in the growing, acupuncture treatment projects continue to increase, continuous treatment of diseases expand, give full play to traditional advantages of the project, and actively introduce modern rehabilitation technology, has achieved remarkable results in the treatment of pain disorders and paralysis disease. Department of acupuncture and massage department characteristics: Innovation on the basis of traditional Chinese medicine to maintain the essence of the play, combined with the characteristics of Chinese and Western medicine therapy for treatment with acupuncture and massage, tailored medicine, rehabilitation, physiotherapy, and according to the patient.