The South Western held world arthritis day large-scale clinic – 12 health Sohu known as "the title of rheumatism die of cancer", is a serious impact on human survival quality, to the family and society has a significant economic burden of a kind of chronic intractable disease. The clinical data showed that the hospital of the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine specialist rheumatology 10 years of integrative medicine at the Southern Medical University, Guangdong province has a very large base of poor rheumatism patients, there are many patients due to lack of timely and effective treatment and disability and poverty. For this part of the poor patients, the urgent need to provide relief to the community, so that they get timely treatment, to help them rebuild confidence and rebuild their lives. October 12th is the world arthritis day, will be on the morning of 8:30 in hospital outpatient Plaza world arthritis day large-scale Clinic Hospital of the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine specialist rheumatism Department of integrative medicine at the Southern Medical University, then by the Guangdong province Tianxingjian charitable foundation established by the "Southern love Tianxingjian Guangdong Guangdong province poverty rheumatisant charity project will start at the same time, in accordance with the standards of the patients can get medical assistance payments ranging from 1000-50000 yuan. Free time: October 12th morning 8:30-12:00 Clinic experts: Xiao Changhong Professor, Professor Chen Guofen, chief physician Cao Yanyan, Zuo Fangfang physician, physician Yuan Yi free items: free joint ultrasound examination fees, treatment fees, free part of drug free outpatient registration fee free clinic hospital outpatient clinic address location: square of TCM and Western Medicine of Southern Medical University: Haizhuqu District shiliugang road Guangzhou No. 13 courtyard traffic guide: take bus 189 Road, 18 road, 37 Road, 206 Road, 264A Road, 988 road to the West (Liu Gang Hospital of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine); take subway line 8 to Chigang Station from the C1 exit from the Jianghai Avenue walk into shiliugang Road South "love Tianxingjian Guangdong" Guangdong province poverty rheumatisant charity project, funded 1 standard application instructions Ankylosing spondylitis, psoriatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis involving the hip joint, knee joint and ankle joint of weight-bearing joints, and there is a risk of disability (persistent inflammation, or bone destruction or narrowing) (male 60 years of age, women under the age of 50): 50000-60000 per 2 severe rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis inflammatory disease, lasted more than six months, or routine treatment can not be more than 3 months 3 yuan relief: 30000-50000 systemic lupus erythematosus, scleroderma, polymyositis (Pi Jiyan), Sjogren’s syndrome, systemic blood Guan Yan: 12000 per 4 joint minimally invasive needle knife surgery of lesions: 3000 per 5 ordinary patients: 1000 each of the following 6 special the application according to the conditions of patients to determine the amount of subsidy. Two, funding target (rheumatism patients in poor urban and rural residents of Guangdong province in 1), no income, no ability to work, will be unable to support or raise people’s home (Village) people; 2, save for unemployment.