The WCBA season can apply for video playback to monitor the pilot season in Beijing – new regulations may apply for video playback to monitor the pilot regulations 20162017 WCBA League press conference held yesterday in Beijing, the coach has been in the CBA implementation for video playback rules officially entered the WCBA League, the punishment of the supervision team and the referee will also increase. The introduction of the application of three kinds of playback has been in the CBA League on the implementation of the video replay of the rules for the two season, the season has finally entered the WCBA league. China CBA competition department minister Zhang Xiong said, after several years of improvement, each home court WCBA the new league season have increased 4 cameras, in order to meet the demand of WCBA video playback rules, the League also entered the "challenge" era. The same with the CBA League, WCBA League replays according to FIBA released "basketball rules", the umpire can then use game live video playback technology, make correct judgement to appear in the game in the process of going on. The coach can apply for video playback, but the final decision is still on the referee’s hand. The scope of video playback is limited to the following three situations: who is the last ball player is doing; 3 points or shooting 2 shots in 24 seconds; when the clock rang, whether the ball has left the shooter’s hand. The new trial referee monitoring and evaluation system of the WCBA league season follows the last season of competition, will be started in 16 this month, is divided into North and South divisions, regular season, playoffs and finals in four stages, the defending champion Beijing Shougang Basketball Team against Liaoning will be the first round of home court. It is worth mentioning that this season will also be started "players, coaches, technical foul unsportsmanlike foul and disqualified foul total suspended for an additional penalties", this season, the coaches and athletes in individual technical fouls totaled sixth times, automatically suspended for an additional 1 times up to twelfth times; automatically suspended for an additional 3; the number of accumulated to eighteenth times this season, cancel the qualification. Violence between the players, the coach is also jointly and severally liable. More severe punishment, but also to strengthen the supervision of the referee. The new season WCBA League will draw on the CBA, through the establishment of the monitoring and evaluation management system, statistics of each referees of mistakes of data, provide the basis for the tournament organizers send, use and supervision of the referee. Buzzer disputes between last season Heilongjiang women’s basketball team and the Bayi team led Heilongjiang team is expected to reduce the suspended. Beijing morning news reporter Liu Chen