Eastern theater command of nearly ten thousand people to give up the rest of the festival to invest in disaster recovery – thirty-first army brigade, an armored brigade to help the people of Changtai to transfer supplies. Zhang Teng photo Beijing, Xiamen, September 16, (Wang Yugen, Cheng Yongliang, Wang, Ceng Tao?) typhoon "Meranti" epidemic after the disaster area devastated, a mess. 16, the eastern theater theater army, Navy Command Science Theater, Fujian military region, Zhejiang province military forces stationed in Fujian and Zhejiang nearly ten thousand people, into the post disaster reconstruction work, to help the affected areas to accelerate the pace of reconstruction of post disaster recovery, so that the former splendor beautiful home. The theater is the only highest joint operational command organization in this strategic direction, and performs the command functions of non war military operations such as rescue and relief. The eastern theater joint operational command center to establish daily status consultation system, timely understanding of local military forces, grasp the disaster relief operations, scientific research to solve the problems such as command, the use of troops; the first time for the troops for the use of troops, to ensure fast and efficient disaster relief forces in place; the troops will Taiwan work focus on the prevention of heavy rainfall may lead flash floods, mudslides, city waterlogging and other secondary disasters, support local disaster relief. As of 16 May 12, the eastern theater science command troops more than 4800 people, militia and reserve personnel more than 4500 people, to give up the Mid Autumn Festival holiday rest time, carrying engineering machinery more than 60 units, more than 60 ships boats, various types of vehicles more than 560 units, has rescued the transfer of more than 11000 people, up more than 400 kilometers of road, reinforcement dam 3800 meters, rush to transport more than 40 tons of supplies. Fujian Xiamen Street area lodging is one of the severe impact of the typhoon, as soon as possible in order to "grab" a passable roads, thirty-first army scientific planning, careful arrangements, to dispatch troops stationed in Xiamen disaster relief. 16 am, a group of more than thirty-first Army Air Defense Brigade deployed more than 500 people, went to the main roads in Xiamen to clear obstacles. An artillery battalion of 140 people led by deputy commander Chen Ming, arrived at 7:30 from Shigu overpass to XiaMen Railway Station Jiahe Road, immediately began work in the rain. At 6 pm, a missile brigade regiment dispatched 380 soldiers, arrive at the task section after removing lodging trees. 8 pm, thirty-first Army Air Defense Corps dispatched 200 soldiers, rushed to the road and the road Kyorin set source clean clear road. 16, 10 pm, in Xiamen District of Xiangan road for the rescue scene, Xiamen garrison a coastal defense regiment soldiers and gardens, sanitation and other departments Peigemoqi, work smoothly, clean up a fallen trees on average only more than and 20 minutes. The disaster relief commander, Colonel Chen Yonggang said: "we take a line mode of operation, the garden workers take chainsaw tools in front, after the trees cut, transported by the troops car, the cleaning workers put the remaining leaves, garbage collection. After the rescue team to clean up, the whole road is clean." Some workers even monitor Wang Jun home in Wuyu island from Xiamen only 1 hour boat ride, with home and shipbuilding home three storey factory building, mostly by blowing broken glass house, irrigation, wet material. )