Lin Dan won the battle super feather badminton center recognized: hope to cherish the opportunity to start Lin Dan back chutianjinbao news 2016-2017 China Badminton Club Super League season will be started in December 6th. Apart from the South Korean famous men’s doubles player Lee Yong Dae and shin?, two Olympic Games men’s singles champion Lin Dan will be the first to join the Guangzhou Guangdong feather club. Guangzhou team’s new season will be located in the home of the Pearl River Delta garden, Heyuan. Yu Guangzhou, Heyuan city and the club made jointly invited Lin Dan to join the decision, both sides hope to bring success to the club Lin Dan in the new season at the same time, can actively participate in local badminton promotion and other public welfare activities, they also called on the outside to the badminton’s re starting opportunities and space. Lin Dan served as Guangzhou’s top men’s singles new season China Yu League start from December 6th this year to the end of February next year. A total of 8 clubs participating, the first stage to take a single round robin, Yu Guangzhou, Qingdao, Zhejiang, Hunan will host the 7 opponents in the home court. Early in July this year, which is before the Olympic Games in Rio, Guangzhou Guangdong Yu has decided Lin Dan was invited to join. Lin Dan announced that the year will say goodbye to the international arena after the Olympic Games, in addition to the October National Championships in Foshan, he also plans to participate in the Super League feather shooting next month. As a result, he has maintained a high intensity routine training since August. The time to attend the activities at the beginning of November, Lin Dan also stressed that his career did not end with the end of the Olympic games. Chairman Yu Guangzhou, the club and coach Gao Jun disclosed that the basic collaboration between the two sides has been finalized in early November, Lin Dan will serve as Guangzhou’s top men’s singles, will debut in Heyuan home court. Pingyu Center: I hope he re starting to finalize the cooperation intention after Lin Dan traced derailment. "Has negative effects on this matter to Lin Dan and I really China badminton, but he himself admitted to the family sincerely apologize, mistakes and we believe that the athletes to prove their stage mainly in the game, can not therefore negate Lin Dan such a great badminton athletes of Chinese badminton and the world badminton made contribution. We are willing to give Lin Dan a chance to prove himself, and I do not want the outstanding athletes because of the storm outside the game and missed any possible return." Gao Jun said: the same as badminton, I believe that the appearance of the Super League Lin Dan will not let everyone down". The State Sports General Administration of Pingyu center also recognized Lin Dan in Yu Chao, responsible person think that this is a good thing for Lin Dan I hope he cherish the opportunity, re starting the game. The first home court Lin Dan Chen long confrontation Yu Guangzhou, will be held in Heyuan city of Longchuan in a new stadium on December 6th, the opponent is the defending champion Xiamen team. In addition to Lin Dan, Lee Yong Dae, Shen Bai? Two South Korean foreign aid and the famous women’s doubles players will also play Ma Jin Yu Guangzhou. The national team first team all participate in the new season of feather Super League, such as the Rio Olympic champion Chen long will join the Qingdao team. In December 22nd, Guangzhou will be based in Heyuan, Guangdong Yu home court against Chen Long led the Qingdao team, then between the two teams in the first men’s singles competition, as much as any wonderful world)