The 70 year old toplia threatened their body health can still play the PGA Tour –   sports Sohu; Beijing time on September 17th, the 70 year old Donald trump has many famous stadium, including in Scotland and Tanzania Bolley in Florida, Dora stadium, personality publicity toplia is not only in the field of the owner, at the same time he also love his name upon the famous stadium, Tanzania Bolley and Dora the two seat stadium is no exception. Toplia recently in a foreign media talk show talking about yourself will do a comprehensive physical examination before the US presidential election. He also said that his body is good enough, can go out on tour. "Teplan, who supports a particular pharmacist, said:" in the interview, he said he was good at playing golf and he could join the tour" At present, Sam is the history of the most Sneed PGA senior championship, in 1965 at the age of 52 when he won the Wyndham championship. The trophy tour is only allowed to participate the player age over the age of 50 game, 1985, Mark Feiteqieke in his 63 birthday when he won the Hilton Invitational evergreen. Not only for the PGA Tour, but also to win the game, toplia’s ambition is really great. At the age of 70, he is an excellent golf enthusiast, currently nearly 3 of the gap between him and the world leader in his view is not far away. (peach)