Hebei’s first private steel enterprises will go up U.S. stock market center in Malaysia: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrant Hebei new Wuan iron and Steel Group, Wen’an iron and Steel Company Limited and China Metallurgical Group Cooperation held in Malaysia steel project construction investment memorandum of cooperation signing ceremony in Handan. Gao Hongchao photo Beijing, Handan, August 27, (Gao Hongchao Xiao Guangming) as the private iron and steel enterprises in Hebei province’s first "go out" to participate in the international cooperation capacity, the new Hebei Wuan iron and Steel Group, Wen’an iron and steel company will cooperate with the MCC group in Malaysia, building an annual output of 5 million tons, 3 million tons of cement, 2 million tons of coke, 1 million tons of cold-rolled, 1 million tons of pipe resources comprehensive utilization of iron and steel enterprises. 27 afternoon, the new Wuan iron and Steel Group Wen’an iron and Steel Co., Ltd. and China Metallurgical Group cooperation in the construction of steel projects in Malaysia cooperation memorandum signing ceremony was held in Handan Zhao hotel. According to reports, this is great progress and an important measure of Wuan City steel production capacity to promote the "going out" to participate in the international cooperation capacity, Hebei province is in the further implementation of "going out" strategy, and actively participate in the "The Belt and Road building on the first floor of the private iron and steel enterprises" Belt and Road Initiative". It is understood that the Malaysia Sarawak government provides the advantage conditions for Wen’an Steel Corp and China Metallurgical Group to invest in the construction of steel plant. Malaysia Sarawak state government industry minister Amar Haji Tengah bin Datuk Ali Hasen attended the signing ceremony, "today is the Sarawak history of the development of an important milepost," he said, Sarawak is Malaysia’s largest state, the population of 2 million 700 thousand, the state has successfully achieved the transition from traditional agriculture to manufacturing and service industries, Malaysia is the third largest economy. Hasen said that the Sarawak government is a business friendly government, foreign investors can enjoy preferential tax. In the case of national policy, investors can enjoy the benefits of pioneer investors, investment tax allowances and Reinvestment allowances. In the state of Sarawak, the state government to provide preferential price of land and Hydropower for investors. In addition, Sarawak’s strategic position is superior, the entrance point of the ASEAN economic community has a population of 625 million. Vice president of the new Hebei Wuan iron and Steel Group Co. Ltd. Gao Wei told reporters that the local government of Malaysia gives preferential policy of exemption of enterprise income tax for ten years, is very attractive, in addition, Malaysia has a natural port and transportation and logistics advantages, make the steel production cost is greatly reduced. According to reports, the project completed in Malaysia, not only can rely on its superior geographical position to cover the emerging market of South Asia and the Middle East, Africa, Europe and the United States can also circumvent anti-dumping measures for Chinese steel products, become a good example of international cooperation capacity. Gao Wei said, "overall, Wuan and Handan areas of serious excess steel production capacity, transfer a part of advantages of production capacity abroad, is beneficial to promote bilateral economic development." (end) editor: handsome can Cong