North love match Liang Wenbo Fu Jiajun clearance Chinese Teams 7 people into the second round of Liang Wenbo (information) sina sports news Beijing standard time on the morning of November 16th, 2016 snooker Northern Ireland ended the first round match, China players Liang Wenbo and Yan Bingtao defeated their opponents to qualify, Hongkong star Fu Jiajun and opponents battle over 7 Bureau, with the final victory the Bureau’s excellent play and win to qualify. And out of Ding Junhui Yu Delu, and Zhou Yuelong, and Zhang Anda yesterday to Chen Zhe, Chinese Teams 7 people out of the first round. China players, Liang Wenbo experienced veteran Nigel – Bond in the first round, the first Liang Wenbo single shot 63 points after winning second opponents equalized, Liang Wenbo in the third inning saw in the 82-73 win over Liang Wenbo continuous, then hit a single shot 89 points and 102 points, the score to 4-1, easy win to advance to the second round. Yan Bingtao first round opponent is Steven – Walsh hall, Walsh hall first hit a single shot 62 points after Yan Bingtao responded with a single shot 63 points to reverse, the second game of Yan Bingtao and hit a single shot 54 points, the first two 2-0 lead, third hall Walsh 58-8 regain a bureau, fourth Bureau Yan Bing Tao with a single shot 52 points win get match point, the sixth game of Yan Bingtao in a clean manner the single shot 121 points to zero closure opponents, made the victory. At the end of the game is Hongkong’s opponent is Fu Jiajun, Ryan – Dai, two people in the first four innings tied 2-2, each with a 50+ bar, fifth Ryan – Dai chaos win 3-2 lead to match point, Fu Jiajun in the sixth inning against the leading case by forcing turnovers obtained on defense mobile phone, single shot 53 points will tie 3-3 and tie breaker Ryan – Dai first started, scored 8 points after a simple nudge red bottom bag failure sent gift, Fu Jiajun started to hit a single shot 82 points to win 4-3 poise. Xiao Guodong round opponent is John Ashley, a Xiao Guodong in the first row hit a single shot 67 points and 68 points 1-0 lead, second tug of war Ashley equalized, the third game of Xiao Guodong all single shot 56 points, but Ashley also hit a single shot 55 points and won 71-57 to rewrite the score 2-1, fourth battle Xiao Guodong 76-42 will tie 2-2, Xiao Guodong fifth single shot 89 points to win, leading 3-2 to get match point in the sixth inning, Ashley 69-1 win, the game into the tiebreaker, the Decider Xiao Guodong 42-61 opponents, but was eliminated. Mei Xiwen and Duane Jones in the race, Jones with a single shot 61 points and 64 points with two cities 2-0 lead, Mei Xiwen hit a single shot 51 points to recover a board after two straight final opponents, defeated 1-4. In the slow side hung round encounter Anthony Mcgill, Fang hung slow by virtue of a single shot 75 points and 94 points to win the third game made 2-1 up by Mcgill won three straight victories reversed, missed the second round lost 2-4. Young Zhao Xintong and David Gilbert in the first round encounter, Gilbert hit a single shot 62 points to win the first game after Zhao Xintong in the second inning with a)