? away Liaoning team, to prevent the "gold medal". Tianjin women’s volleyball team sent Wang Yuanyuan starting small font! Sohu sports 2016-2017 Chinese women’s Volleyball League fourth round of the group will be the first round of the 12 round of the Tianjin women’s volleyball team will challenge the Liaoning team away. According to the Liaoning team, Ding Xia Yan Ni of the Rio Olympic Games "gold combination", the Tianjin team in the lineup also has a specific font layout, young Wang Yuanyuan will continue to get the first opportunity. Liaoning team this season, the home court from Dalian Nationalities University moved to Shenyang Hunnan sports training base, venues of the "superior" conditions greatly exceeded Tianjin’s expected. "We thought it was going to be very cold in the gym because it was cold in Dalian. But this venue heating is enough, training squadron members are shouting hot." Tianjin coach Wang Baoquan said. Although the stadium has no need to consider the problem of warm, but the lights still need to adapt to the team as soon as possible, Wang Baoquan said: "the stadium lights in both sides of the site, will have some impact on the second pass, we pass the pre training two times, basically also familiar with the stadium environment." Specific to the Liaoning squad, Wang Baoquan also bluntly: "the Liaoning team has Ding Xia and Yan Ni the Olympic champion, Ding Xia second is a left-handed player, have a certain attack in the net, Yan Ni and her with very good. For Yan Ni, we also plan to continue to arrange for the first episode with her position, as far as possible to raise the height of the mouth of the network. Another starting position for Zhang Xiaoting because the original font, the font is her side second position, the last round of the game Wang Ning played in this position the effect is not good, so this is a let Zhang Xiaoting first start, if you encounter a problem and then adjust the game." In addition to targeted anti blocking arrangement, the Tianjin team also hopes to do the best in the service areas, Wang Baoquan said: "in addition to font position, our other players did not change. Liaoning team this season, the main fast changeable, so dependent on a relatively high, we will strive to do the best in the service areas, so as to reduce our pressure in the bar link."