The Paralympic Games not only for the athletes to watch than praise about moving legend Cui Zhe won the silver medal in women’s weightlifting 41 kg class Xinhua (reporter Zheng Zhi Ji ye He Jun) 10 day coincides with the weekend, come to the Olympic Park to watch Rio audience huge crowds of people, host for the disabled athletes passionate cry, multi venue booking rate close to or more than 80%, the atmosphere is not lost to a month before the Olympic games. The first three days, Chinese Paralympic delegation strong performance, with 26 gold and 24 silver and 19 bronze medals at the top. And more impressive, is the disabled athletes with the fate of the struggle, the courage to write a new chapter in life. People often say that sports can change the fate, and in the Paralympic Game, can be said to sports every athlete has brought new, and athletes with their interpretation of the spirit of unremitting self-improvement with the power of sports. The two Olympic Games, the same wonderful, but some people think that Paralympic competitive appreciation is not enough; some people think that the lack of Paralympic stars, unable to attract the eye; some people think that the Paralympic is "participation", not in the strict sense of the games; more people to see the disabled athletes in the game, for the distressed. In fact, in the Paralympic Games, each medal behind, there is a moving story; every athlete with disabilities experience is a legend. About to celebrate the 24 year old birthday Xu Qing lost a half arm, but it has become a pool of sharks". 10, the Chinese swimmer won their four Paralympic Games experience tenth gold medals. Behind him, he needs to swim ten thousand meters a day, almost a year and no family. Shandong Heze girl Cui Zhe won the silver medal in the women’s weightlifting third consecutive game, always a smile on her at the age of two due to polio left leg disability, to participate in the three Paralympic Games have suffered hyperthyroidism disease invasion, but she will continue to stick to it, all this only to yourself and others that. The blind woman Judo player Li Liqing the first time to participate in the Paralympic Games has won the championship, after her coach and cried. From the Guangdong Zhanjiang farm blind girl, parents are farmers, father and brother are blind, she regarded the innate, coach Zhang Guifu traveled to Guangdong find her practice Judo, this has changed the fate of…… People can have a crippled body, but there will be no incomplete life; people can have Mengsui moments, but will not stop the pace of the dream. Paralympic Games, all the time not staged inspirational stories. In such a fast-paced society, if you can spare some time to pay attention to the ongoing Paralympic Games, which athletes may be moved to inspire. In order to Paralympic Games, disabled athletes to pay the ordinary people can not imagine the hardships, and everyone’s attention and praise, will give them the courage to continue to move forward and motivation. (end) [collection] Nanju 105kg final Yang zhe 415kg total score no medals (this has nothing to do with the original video content, for further reading)