Individualized diagnosis and treatment of translational research laboratories in Chongqing city held an academic committee meeting – Sohu health in October 27th, Chongqing city key laboratory in Chongqing Yuzhou Hotel held an academic meeting of the Committee on tumor metastasis and individualized diagnosis and treatment of transformation. The meeting was chaired by the Chinese Academy of engineering, Shandong Provincial Tumor Hospital, chairman of the academic committee chaired by Yu Jinming. Our hospital Wu Yongzhong Dean, vice president, Wang Bo Key Laboratory Director Zhou Qi, and professor at the University of Texas, Xiao Dong, Du Guangwei, Chongqing University professor Yang Li, Professor Wu Shourong, more than 10 academic committee members attended the meeting. At the meeting of the meeting, the deputy director of the laboratory, Wei Qi, first made a report on the development of the Key Laboratory of Chongqing, which is the research of tumor metastasis and individualized treatment. The results have been achieved since 2015 since the establishment of the laboratory construction, from the basic conditions for his team, scientific research projects, academic papers and monographs published in four aspects, and put forward the next three years will be aimed at the Key Laboratory of tumor individualized diagnosis and clinical needs of the international forefront of the transformation and application of research, efforts to promote the transformation of basic research to clinical application of medical biology to improve the level of diagnosis and treatment of tumors, the individual in Chongqing and even the whole country to solve the problem of the formation of tumor, clinical tumor diagnosis and treatment process oriented transformation of system. Subsequently, under the auspices of the golden academician, the experts on the future development of the laboratory ideas, initiatives lively discussion. Experts from the main research direction of concise and scientific research and development and transformation, team building and personnel training, open communication and operation management, expand domestic and international cooperation, seek cross innovation and put forward positive suggestions. Experts discuss the next, Wu Yongzhong Dean and University of Texas health center Professor Cheng Xiaodong, Professor of our hospital and the North American Chinese society of biology, Dezhou branch cooperation talks. The two sides reached a preliminary intention to carry out in-depth research on the basis of Clinical Oncology, organized large-scale academic activities, the introduction of high-end talent exchanges and other aspects. President Wu Yongzhong read the final list of the academic committee, President Wu Yongzhong announced the list of members of the Academic Council, issued letters of appointment to the Committee and a photo. Miss Wu sincerely welcome and thank you for taking the time to attend the meeting of Key Laboratory academic committee to provide guidance for the development of laboratory and hospital. At the same time, Wu said, the hospital attaches great importance to the construction and development of laboratory, to give maximum protection in terms of talent introduction, platform construction, hoping to build a high level key laboratory platform and research team, has been widely influential landmark department. To provide a strong intellectual support for the construction of the western region leading, domestic first-class, medical research and development of three-dimensional tumor hospital. Expert group photo