Simple breaking ampoule device – Sohu health simple breaking ampoule device as a nurse, everyone is no stranger to breaking the ampoule dosing, can be said that this should be one of the highest frequency of operation in clinical nursing work. However, followed by the high incidence of sharp damage that occurs in the process of breaking the ampoule. According to a survey and prevention of sharp injuries among clinical nurses the article shows: in clinical nursing operation, breaking the ampoule sharp injuries occurred risk ranking first; for practice nurses and nurses (< 5), breaking the ampoule bottle by hand cut probability sum is already more than 80%; in addition, if the sharp injury improper handling is also very prone to infection, but also to the normal clinical nursing work inconvenience. To this end, I will nurse Meng Fei dropper after renovation, made a simple breaking ampoule device used in clinical nursing work, significantly reduces the incidence of breaking the ampoule bottle sharp injuries, and achieved good results. Introduce as follows: take infusion with Meng Fei type dropper tube 10-15cm; Meng Fei dropper end cut to 13, leaving 23 Meng Fei dropper; the other end through the wheel hole with transfusion tube fixed. Breaking ampoule device made when used with a grinding wheel lightly! The ampoule ampoule neck, into the Meng Fei tube, gently breaking can; at the same time, can also be his index finger into the Meng Fei tube, gently breaking ampoule, is also very easy to break; in addition, the fingers can package a gauze or ring a cotton pad buffer. Breaking ampoule device has the advantages of simple materials and simple manufacture, easy operation, convenient carrying, safe and reliable, economical and practical, can be used repeatedly. After use, disinfection method for breaking ampoule device can use compound chlorine containing disinfectant.