Balotelli invited friends in Liverpool: 0 out of shame to me this play is now in nice brilliance in the bar of God for the old comrades consider the issue of the French team sina sports nice can definitely be called "regeneration" frustrated players, last year the Alfa this season, Balotelli, are put on the a red ball after taking back the old rattling feeling. Ligue 6 appearances this season and scored 6 goals, the Europa League tournament also recorded a goal, Balotelli has returned to the "super Mario" era. Now the brilliance of Balotelli, also do not forget about carrying former teammates, accept a French television famous football program interview with Telefoot, Balotelli calls Liverpool’s teammate Nicolas, who want to return to France to fight and their effectiveness. "In fact, I’ve told him a lot of times and I told him it was a shame to be a young player with a golden age in your career and you can’t play." The 26 year old Cobain, was completely out in the cold season, so far, 0 Premier League appearances. "I was playing and Nicolas teammates, he is one of the best I have ever seen the defender, he deserved every game first, and in the French national team should have a space for one person. So the most important thing now is that he should leave Liverpool as soon as possible. So I invited him to join nice, just fight with me when the winter window opens in January." (Alduin)