Music as a super TV and then raise the price war temporarily paragraph? Music as television reporter Wu Shunji in September this year, as the music as a super TV prices, the afternoon of November 21st, as the music once again announced price increases. LETV said in the announcement, by the upstream supply chain supply panel, panel prices continue to rise, a single TV hardware ecological subsidy quota increase, the ecological subsidies capacity has been exceeded, to ensure the long-term operation of the adjustment on the part of the price model: 40 inch, 43 inch, 50 inch, 55 inch models of each part a price increase of 100 yuan, 65 inch models of each part of price increase of 300 yuan, the other size price unchanged. November 25th 12:00 implementation. For a short period of 3 months in the music as a super TV prices rise again, millet TV official Wang Chuan Bo said, millet TV will not rise, the pressure we carry." At present, Internet TV brand after more than a year of fierce price war fighting, low burn mode so that all parties are suffering: on the one hand, still rely on hardware profits of traditional enterprises claimed no longer follow up the price war; on the other hand, the Internet TV brand also subject to capital constraints, afraid of rivals are catching up. Music, said adhere to the negative price of hardware in September this year, the music, as the announcement said, the fourth generation as part of the super TV models prices will rise from 100 yuan ~200 yuan in September 20th. November 21st, as the music release price announcement again, the same reason is due to continued price increases. During the price war, the price of a more than and 40 inch Internet TV is only 1000 yuan level. With the rapid rise in the second half of 2016, TV panel prices, Internet TV, including traditional enterprises are unable to hold up. "Super TV hardware adhere to the ecological subsidies, negative profit pricing, greatly reducing the threshold of the majority of fans use smart tv. The emergence of super TV has made the smart TV industry average price decline of more than 30%, even if this part of the model due to the price increase of the screen, but also much lower than the same industry configuration tv." Music, said the super TV will continue to enhance the operating capacity of the big screen, revenue obtained by the big screen operations, will continue to subsidize users. Home appliance analyst Liang Zhenpeng believes that the LCD panel costs, while the music as a super TV has been lower than the cost of pricing, more losses. At the same time, LETV had issued an internal letter acknowledged the capital chain tension. In this case, as to the price adjustment." LETV price mode effect is obviously, in the past the "double 11", released by the Jingdong list, LETV TV beat many traditional TV brands in TV sales list, the TV terminal company as the new loss amount from 730 million yuan to 56 million 870 thousand yuan in 2015 decreased rapidly in the first half of this year. In November 9th, as a music resources to promote the meeting, as the music as a result of the new president Liang Jun revealed that music as a TV cumulative sales reached 9 million units. Take the high-end route to break the price war now, as the music once again announced price increases may mean that the industry price war ended temporarily. Liang Zhenpeng believes that this is a good thing for the television industry, indicating that the industry is not rational ultra-low price model can not be sustained, as the music announced price increases, which means that it is not so fierce price war." In the face of low-cost models of Internet companies, traditional electricity.