Nanjing uncovered large sales of fake drugs seized 12 thousand injections had pin 20 – Sohu news   the police seized a large number of cosmetic injections seized 12 thousand injections, was sold to more than and 20 provinces Express News (correspondent Zhang Longjun Guo Ting reporter Gu Yuansen) recently, Nanjing Liuhe police after 2 months of investigation, cracked a large production and sales of fake drugs. Arrested 5 suspects, seized without drug approval, illegal entry of hyaluronic acid, fat soluble needles, Botox, thin face needle 47 chemicals reach more than 1.2, record shipments amounted to more than 2 thousand, involving more than and 20 provinces nationwide. At present, the 5 suspects on suspicion of the production and sale of counterfeit drugs have been arrested. In June this year, it was reported, Liuhe Jinniu Lake Street Chen Lin illegal micro cosmetic business, and the acquisition of hyaluronic acid, Botox and other cosmetic products. The police will Chen Lin, Jiang Hongxia, Meng Juan and other 3 people arrested, searched out a small amount of hyaluronic acid, Botox and other cosmetic agents. Later, the police after two months of investigation, Changsha rushed to Hunan, arrested Chen Lin, Tan Peng on the line, and seized more than 1.2 branches of cosmetic injections. Tan Peng said he was hired by his cousin Zhang Chenghai. In August 12th, Zhang Chenghai in. Zhang Chenghai explained that he used the identity of the other people in Changsha rented a house when the warehouse, and with a friend’s identity card for a phone card, bank card, bundled with WeChat. He usually is in the WeChat circle of friends to advertise, talk about a good price in WeChat, and then the product, the number sent to cousin Tan Peng. (the party is a pseudonym)