The brain is upcoming Wenger number one fan on the plane in the story of Wenger Mesut Ozil read the story of Wenger sina sports champions league first leg at Arsenal big game in Paris a few hours later, just in the League lore first win gunmen players easily full, on the team plane from London to Paris, the core of Mesut Ozil holding the boss of Wenger’s books, it is serious reading materials. It is understood that the book "Wenger revolution" (The Wenger Revolution) is the official Arsenal photographer MacFarlane (Macfarlane) recently published a book about professor Wenger for a record in charge of Arsenal for the last 20 years, the book with a unique perspective introduces the influence of Wenger on the team. A glimpse of the book in 2013 when Mesut Ozil chose to move to Arsenal, the Germans have admitted that the charisma of the United States accounted for a significant proportion of the. Professor Wenger as a representative of the Confucian Shuai, the entire season, the rate of disciples around the campaign, I believe that a long time to accompany also let the players, including Mesut Ozil, including the influence of the wind. Arsenal this season started, the first round of the league in the home court by Liverpool scored four goals in European level team regret losing, for seven consecutive years has been unable to enter the Champions League quarter finals, coach Wenger questioned several times. I hope Wenger’s efforts in the efforts of a group of disciples of A Senna, come up with convincing performance. (Ben Xin)