8 billion 500 million the development of Mei Dian tourism resources reservoir   Huangpi to build a world tourist attractions – Hubei channel — people.com.cn original title: Huangpi to build a world tourist attractions "newspaper news (reporter Peng Zhong correspondent Li Lelin) yesterday, Huangpi district government and the Beijing ZTE Investment Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Mei Dian tourism projects, plans to invest 8 billion 550 million yuan for the comprehensive development of tourism of Huangpi Mei Dian reservoir, to create" window of the world – Nations tourism headquarters base in recent years, the rapid development of the tourism industry in Huangpi, Mulan tourism brand has become one of Wuhan tourism brand, Mulan scenery group tour has become one of the leading central China tour line. The cooperation between the two sides of the development of Mei Dian reservoir, will be through the construction of "new world – window of World Tourism headquarters base, the construction of Palace of Nations, Mulan, Mulan Culture Park and Castle International historical and cultural ecological health care tourism area, into an international cultural tourism and exchange platform, world city tourism brand image, the world tourism economic base headquarters three big brand. The project will be the world’s tourism Jina essence and classic brand, such as the Danish fairy tale castle will put all into one. At the same time, will also become the world tourism conference venue, the forum and the national tourism promotion platform, make it become a world tourism exchange platform. (Zhou Tian, commissioning editor Zhang Jun)相关的主题文章: