Gu Chao: National Football debut at the foot of the need to strengthen their accident technology [] report Orangemen 0-0 Iran Zengcheng back injury Wu Lei Gu Chaoguo foot missed pole debut fared better in September 7th (the Tencent sports Li Xu) this afternoon, Jiangsu Suning in Nanjing Olympic Sports Center conducted a routine training course in public. Just the end of the national team debut Gu Chao, also returned to Nanjing from Shenyang, together with his teammates to participate in training courses. In yesterday’s 12 strong match, because the CengCheng injury, Gu Chao temporary substitute, the completion of the national team debut, and insulating sheet. For his debut in the national team yesterday, Gu Chao said: this time the national team’s first show is really very suddenly, did not expect his country’s first game will appear in such an important game. Thought it would step by step, step by step. Before the coach did not decorate a lot, afraid I was nervous, mainly on the layout of some of the requirements of the position set pieces." Yesterday without losing the ball, Gu Chao thanked his teammates, "yesterday did not lose the ball is the team united, we can go back to their position in the defense, there are communication between himself and the guard, and not because they are new and timid. After the game, the coach also affirmed my performance, and encouraged me to continue to play hard." Teacher’s Day is coming, Gu Chao also recalled his childhood just contact with the story of football. "When I was a child, I was very poor, so I went to play football. At first it was a forward position, but it was faster and higher than its peers. At that time, the PE teacher suggested that I could play the goalkeeper. At that time, the striker and goalkeeper will do, then changed the goalkeeper position. I had a great influence on the enlightenment coach, who was my mentor." "During the national team training camp, although the time is not long, but to help Qu Chuliang guide me a lot, there are problems in training and I will have to communicate, and coaching. Before yesterday’s game, I was reminded not to be nervous, to relax. Thank you very much for guidance." Gu Chao said. In October, the national team will usher in the 12 game of the second stage of the competition, Gu Chao said to himself in the national team in the future: "the most important thing is to do yourself, relax, keep a good state, the right to choose to believe that the coaching staff, the coaching staff will make the best choice. And in their own defense with the tacit understanding and cooperation, as well as to further strengthen the ball at the foot of the ball, in dealing with the ball to be more reasonable."