Lippi ‘first show the Complete Guide: now go to Kunming to see Lippi: high guide, I first show ha (design lines) "you in the south of the sun in the snow, I like spring seasons in the north of the night, the original lyrics are deceptive. The only thing that can warm the hearts of Chinese fans is the only thing that can warm the Chinese fans from the "mom thinks you’re cold" and "you feel cold.". The history of the biggest country, is also the most "money" coach, will lead the country foot in the "Spring City" about Qatar in November 15th, the 12 race began, this cool acid can not miss you. Chinese used to chat to ask "eaten", now has changed, scold the Orangemen is excellent. If the other party is unwilling to give up the Chinese football fans, often only to you for you, do not BB "to fight back, I’m actually speechless. Although it is only picked up the national football coach, Lippi in the past few see the country. Changsha, 2013, November 2013, Xi’an, Shenzhen, on June 2014…… We all saw Lippi in the stands. Camacho, Perrin, and consecutive coach in the country have been in the eyes of the coach under the eyes of a step by step to the end of the coach of the foot of the country, in the eyes of the president of the United States and the United States in the past three years. Lippi and many other national coach have had the exchange, he would like to have a good understanding of the state of the foot, and finally turned to Lippi himself. I guess, Gao Hongbo in November 15th this day baobuqi quietly draw a makeup, sit down at the Kunming Tuodong stadium, Lippi can see much more sophisticated than their own. Gao Hongbo may be coming. What are you waiting for? "The 7 player, SHARP, points to the number 9 player and the number 9 player is also called SHARP…… Well, No. 10 how also called SHARP?" Han Qiaosheng, the teacher’s most cattle a commentary, now only memories. This time, we are in the battle of the card, I heard the name is probably one of the most Hengda, Hengda players pass Hengda players is not a joke. Lippi took over the helm after the Orangemen, the coaching staff is the coach of Guangzhou Evergrande when the Chinese player he will be as much as possible call Hengda jioubu. In the national football Xuanshuai, Hengda, Lippi, the Football Association inevitably entangled together. How to deal with the relationship between Evergrande is a difficult problem facing the Chinese Football Association, as fans, as long as we look at the Hengda players with each other skilled cooperation like. One more word, when Spain marshal Camacho and reuse "Hengda help", even at the most 7 rival players ritchie. However, in June 15, 2013 with the Thailand youth friendly match, the country has lost a ratio of 5. This fiasco indirectly led to Camacho’s class, Camacho prick national team Hengda legion, he thinks the country foot Ritchie Hengda players will always encounter difficulties, and the total injury reason. Labor does not contribute to the phenomenon of almost can avoid well when Camacho faced Hengda players, the focus here, now WeChat public number Hyflux elite sports (k8yule8), have the opportunity to join the foot support team, to visit Kunming for the national football cheer. Tell you a secret, the concept of night sky, Qiazhiyisuan, war Orangemen and Qatar to win. A football coach.