The plant 400 meters mixed king did not reach their goal: 16 seconds Mao Feilian swam to the Xinhua News Agency Mount Huangshan September 11th sports news (reporter Zhou Chang) held in Anhui, Mount Huangshan’s National Swimming Championships ended 11 third game for the day. For the Rio Olympic Games women’s 200 meter butterfly Zhou Yilin fifth, won the women’s 100 meter butterfly final. The Rio Olympic Games stopped in the men’s 200 m breaststroke semi-final Mao Feilian in the men’s 400 meter medley king. The Rio Olympic bronze medalist Wang Shun won the silver medal in the men’s 50 meters backstroke. The men’s 50 meter backstroke finals, the Guangdong team He Jianbin ranked first, Zhejiang team Wang Shun, Li Zhuhao won the second and third. The Rio Olympic Games men’s 200 meters individual medley bronze medalist Wang Shun said after the game, the 50 meter backstroke is part of a medley, before is his weakness, today to find the feeling of a swim. "The National Swimming Championships, the results of their own 200 meters mixed before the accident, when the mentality is relatively relaxed, may be able to swim in a relaxed state of mind better results." Wang Shun said. On behalf of the Hebei Thailand team played Zhou Yilin in 59 seconds 08 won the women’s 100 meters butterfly champion, the Rio Olympic Games China delegation youngest players, Hubei teenager AI Yan containing won the third project. Zhou Yilin said: "after the Olympic Games, there is no systematic training, I feel very satisfied with the tour. Review of the Olympic Games feel that they need to accumulate experience, but also need to improve the ability to participate in a number of games to accumulate experience." The men’s 400 meter individual medley, on behalf of the Zhejiang team of the plant with 4 points 17 seconds 69 score to win. Mao Feilian said: "the results are not very good, did not achieve their desired goals to swim to 16 seconds. The backstroke is always my flawed, although behind the breaststroke to catch up, but I like the swimming, if tired, back it difficult to go on." Henan Phineas team Zhang Xinyu to 1 points 08 seconds 84 won the women’s 100 meters breaststroke first, leaf verse 1 points 09 seconds 99 ranked sixth. Ye said before, not how to swim breaststroke, today is the best performance of the project she. I feel rather tired, or need to restore the body." Ye poetry revealed that the next phase will go to Tsinghua University for a period of time, when they have time to travel as far as possible. In the men’s 4×100 meter freestyle relay, the Guangdong team to achieve the final reversal, with 3 minutes and 19 seconds to win the title, the Zhejiang team to a small gap of 3 minutes and 78 seconds ranked in the top second, Shanghai HOSA ranked No. third in the top 47. The southern army team Yu Yingbiao won the men’s 200 meters butterfly champion, Liaoning team Wang Jingzhuo won the women’s 200 meters freestyle first. (end)