These 5 kinds of fruit, and so on, better to eat – People’s Health Channel – People’s original title: these 5 kinds of fruit, and so on, the better the more fresh and delicious fruit? Also really not necessarily. Some fruits are not the best when they are bought or taken off. Storage of fruit and vegetable expert Professor Feng Shuangqing of China Agricultural University College of food science and Nutritional Engineering told "life times" reporter, this is because some fruits once mature quickly completely soft, unable to transport and storage, so they must be not fully mature, with "hard" state off, can be safely transported to in the supermarket. What fruits need to wait? Life Jun tells you. Kiwi finger belly gently press the ends of the kiwi, if the feeling is no longer hard, press the slight deformation occurs, but it is not very soft, this time is the best edible kiwi. The kiwi, such a popular fruit, "3 days 7 days, soft, rotten, half half bad". Therefore, the purchase should be selected in the hard state of the fruit, no mechanical damage kiwi. But the hard kiwi is not delicious, the sugar is low, sour fruit, also let people feel insipid, because the fruit contains a lot of protease, decomposition of the tongue and oral mucosa protein, causing discomfort. Under normal temperature, kiwi generally put about 3 days will become soft, to achieve the best state of consumption. In order to speed up the mature, the kiwi and ripe bananas together, so cooked fruit exudes "ethylene" natural ripening gas, will "catch" kiwi, make it perfect. If you want to save for a long time, you can put kiwi fruit into the refrigerator freezer, low temperature can delay the maturation process. Banana skin color completely yellow, and the smell of rich fruit, the most delicious banana. But the banana is very easy to turn black, so when buying can choose a little point. In general, with the "green shoulder" of bananas at room temperature to preserve, 1~2 days can eat. If you want to speed up the ripening, you can put it together with ripe apples. If you want to save a little longer, you can hang it up, keep a good ventilation, can let the ethylene produced by the wind dispersed, delaying banana aging. Nanguo Pear gently press Nanguoli, if can feel elastic, smells of wine flavor, this is the best time to eat Nanguo pear. Nanguo pear has obvious "ripening" characteristics, natural fermentation can after more than a week to eat the best state off. It should be noted that the preservation of Nanguo pear can not be too tightly tied to plastic bags, to leave the fruit to the "breath", so as to maintain the pear fruit "activity". The south fruit Lifang into the refrigerator freezer, can slow down the respiration of the fruits, maintain a fresh state. Persimmon "soft", "no astringent" is an important symbol of ripe persimmon, but such persimmon is not conducive to picking, transportation and storage. Because there is a large number of soluble tannin (tannic acid) in the persimmon, tannin has a strong convergence, it can stimulate the nerve endings in the mouth to produce excitement, people have a "astringent" feeling. If the persimmon with air isolation, its internal will produce acetaldehyde, acetone and other organic matter, which