Xi Jinping: don’t take the party’s political rules deal original title: Xi Jinping: not to take the party’s political rule to do business in August 22nd to 24, the general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, state president and CMC Chairman Xi Jinping in Qinghai provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng, accompanied by governor Hao Peng, came to Xining and other places, Haixi, Haidong, on the implementation of "13th Five-Year" planning, strengthen environmental protection, do the work of economic and social development of investigation. He stressed the need to promote the reform of the supply side to achieve three efforts to optimize". Xi Jinping stressed in the inspection, ecological environment protection and ecological civilization construction, is the most important foundation for sustainable development in china. The potential value of Qinghai’s largest, the largest in the ecological responsibility in ecological, also must be in ecology, the ecological civilization construction in a prominent position, respect for nature, comply with nature, protect nature, build a strong national ecological security barrier, to achieve economic, social and ecological benefits of unity. During the visit, Xi Jinping listened to the Qinghai provincial government work report, and met with troops stationed in Qinghai, leading cadres above division and regimental commanders, on behalf of the CPC Central Committee and the Central Military Commission to extend my sincere greetings to all the officers and troops stationed in Qinghai. When listening to the report of the provincial government of Qinghai Province, Xi Jinping Qinghai economic and social development achievements and the work affirmed. He hoped that Qinghai in the first area of ecological civilization, the first area of circular economy development, national unity and progress in the construction of the first district continue to create new achievements. Xi Jinping pointed out that to keep the concentration, full of confidence, adhere to the new development concept to guide the overall development, efforts to solve the constraints in the development of the structural and institutional contradictions and problems, and strive to create a new realm of development. To promote the supply side structural reform as the main line of the current and future periods of economic development and economic work, efforts to optimize the allocation of production factors and the existing portfolio, efforts to optimize existing supply structure, to optimize the existing products and services, and effectively improve the quality and efficiency of the supply system, for the sustained and healthy economic development to build a new engine, new construction support. Xi Jinping pointed out that the serious political life of the party is the fundamental basis of comprehensive work strictly, is a major task of the whole party. Party organizations at all levels should consciously assume responsibility, in strict accordance with the party’s political discipline and political rules, any time under any circumstances can not damage the party’s political discipline and political rules, to be able to hold the party’s political discipline and political rules of trade. To adhere to the leading organs and leading cadres, the formation of a strong atmosphere under the above rate. To deal with the rights and obligations, powers and responsibilities, encouragement and restraint, punishment and protection and other aspects of the relationship, the serious party political life embodied to mobilize Party cadres enthusiasm, to promote career development. Poverty alleviation have not broken Kroraina last. Determined to ensure that a river of water to the East "Xi Jinping stressed the important and special ecological status of Qinghai, must assume responsibility to protect Sanjiang and protect the source of the" Chinese water tower ". To adhere to conservation priorities, adhere to the combination of natural and artificial restoration, starting from reality, the full implementation of the main functional areas planning requirements, so that the main functions of the national ecological security to strengthen the overall strengthening. To co-ordinate the promotion of ecological engineering, energy conservation, environmental remediation, beauty.