Insulin use, need to pay attention to three details! Sohu healthy injection of insulin, not imagined so terrible. Doctors and patients to explain the correct use of insulin, can improve patient compliance, contribute to the treatment of diabetes. Source: Beijing Ruijing hospital diabetes insulin is an important means of treating diabetes, want to play the maximum effect of insulin action, need a doctor to remind patients to do the following three points: keep a correct preservation of insulin is very important, if improper storage, easy to damage the insulin effect, can effectively control blood glucose and diabetes prevention of acute and chronic complications. In general, unopened insulin requires 2 DEG C to 8 DEG C refrigerator preservation, only close to the freezer, but the shelf life, the biological effects of insulin will not be affected. In addition, Neutrul Insulin Injection has repeatedly placed in hot and cold environments are more likely to cause the failure of insulin, so for each injection of insulin has been opened, then pull out the needle, insulin, needle, pen cartridge at room temperature (25 degrees Celsius) under light can be kept, insulin storage time should not exceed 4 weeks (28 days). However, there are individual differences in the specific storage method of insulin, if necessary, refer to the instructions for use of the drug. The selection and operation of the injection site two, the correct posture of insulin by insulin administration is particularly important, the position is not selected, will affect the effect of insulin, resulting in blood glucose fluctuation and hypoglycemia. 1, the injection site selection of insulin injection can choose four parts, according to the absorption rate from fast to slow arrangement are: abdomen, upper arm, lateral thigh, hip. Generally speaking: short acting insulin or premixed insulin is most suitable for injection into the abdomen. It is worth noting that, if the choice of injection of the thigh, then after injection of insulin injection, not immediately exercise thigh after strenuous exercise, will accelerate the absorption of insulin, easily lead to the occurrence of hypoglycemia. 2, the injection site rotation required repeated insulin injection in the same site, may cause the subcutaneous fat hyperplasia and induration, and leads to the site of insulin absorption rate decreased, the absorption time is too long, then the blood glucose control is not stable. Therefore, we must pay attention to the rotation of the injection site, the site of the two injection at least 1 fingers wide interval. (abdominal rotation trajectory) 3, puncture the choice of patients will ask different insulin injection posture is different, which is what is strange? Experts explained that the injection of insulin by the patient’s body, the injection site and the length of the needle used, some patients pinch skin is designed to avoid intramuscular injection, causing severe hypoglycemia reaction. In general: 5mm needle without pinch skin, 8mm needles need to pinch the skin, 12mm needles need 45 degrees into the needle (Note: pinch the thumb and index finger pinch, rather than a pinch of multiple fingers). Three, the standard injection of insulin is very important 1, each time before the use of insulin should be t