No comparison, no harm! Gao Linsun Xing min is South Korea football gap between Gao Lin and sun Xingmin Phoenix Sports News World Cup Asian zone 12 finals in the third round of Harding Park, South Korea football two days, the Orangemen in the home court 0-1 against the weakest team in Syria, South Korea 3-2 home court reversed qatar. After the game, the Orangemen again was outside the court, the gap between China and South Korea football once again launched a depth discussion. The day before, the social network spread a dynamic contrast, the national football striker Gao Lin and South Korean leader Sun Xingmin at the critical moment of the choice, in order to prove that the gap between China and South Korea football. Sun Xingmin Gao Lin of South Korea and Qatar home court game, Sun Xingmin party struggling at the end of the first half, the home team 1-2 behind; on both sides of 2-2 stalemate, shot fifty-eighth minutes sent straight ball, sun Xingmin restricted left side unattended anti rub shot into the far corner, the ball to draw a beautiful arc into the net, to help South Korea 3-2 reversal. Compared with Gao Lin, the Orangemen behind 0-1 in the case of Syria, Wu Lei ball, Hengda striker ball position and the sun Xingmin is almost the same, but his choice is the best with South Korea is not the same, perhaps not confident of footwork, but the ball was to the bottom line of the cross, the Orangemen missed the final equalised. Users believe that the choice of Gao Lin and Sun Xingmin, is the gap between the country and South korea. Of course, but also can not deny the fact is that the two players are fundamentally not a grade, on the "market" on the valuation point of view, Hengda striker is only 750 thousand euros, Tottenham striker worth up to 25 million euros, a difference of 30 times! In fact, since the new season, sun Xingmin has good performance for Spurs in 6 games scored 5 goals and 2 assists, before the international break the Premier League clash, excellent assists Sun Xingmin with the help of Tottenham 2-0 beheaded the mighty city. (fence)