James: want to see you every day how to break the question for James to challenge their own Chinese Texun National Youth teenager naked big show eight pack Beijing time on September 11th, after the end of the trip to Guangzhou, Lebron · James nonstop to Beijing, together with the China youth basketball training training team, personally for the young players for demonstration, share training experience and methods, encourage them to accept the challenge, to prove himself. Subsequently, Lebron walked into the community will be shoes and basketball to the hands of children, and they share the love of basketball, and encourage them to adhere to the dream, with practical action to break the question. James Chinese basketball youth training team training Nike is committed to helping improve the level of basketball all basketball fans, in China also actively promote the development of basketball and basketball culture cultivation. Coincides with the 2019 Basketball World Cup in Guangzhou, Nike as a basketball player, Lebron personally, and China basketball youth training team players together to complete a high intensity training, encourage them to challenge the international arena in the future, to prove himself. Lebron · James firmly believe that the line is better than words, knowing the importance of training to maintain a good competitive state. In the course of Lebron is always eager to win, with the all-around performance motivation of the team to fight, face the challenge and challenges never give up. In the offseason, Lebron is still not the slightest slack, no matter where they adhere to the training, to prepare for the new season. Three hours of training including strength training, shooting and roll exercises, the contents of each are demonstrated by Lebron himself, let the young players strict in demands action did not dare to slack, while trainers stressed, more tired, more is to concentrate, concentrate on each dribbling and shooting. After training a little rest, Lebron quietly came to the charity "vitality community" Zhu Fang community center, adhering to the "every migrant children have a better life vision, Lebron for the children here to send a big surprise. Little Lebron was born in Ohio city of Akron, he knew that his success cannot do without the support of his community, so he has been in the competition and training more efforts to serve the society and let more children have a better environment for the growth, help them grow. In the community center, Lebron to the children to share their childhood stories, to encourage them to believe in themselves, and constantly strive. "I came to China 12 times, every year I will see progress, see more people playing basketball. I am very happy to be here with my influence and experience to help them become better players. I want to tell them that if you have a goal is not to let anyone questioning your ability, you must work hard every day, the moment can not stop, only you devote yourself to it, will have a harvest. Lebron ·