Mystery family Djokovic serve out of Wimbledon effect game [Abstract] the first in the world, Serbia Djokovic in the Wimbledon this year ahead of the game, still puzzling. In the 2016 U.S. Open event Djokovic in the face of the media, for the first time publicly revealed the reason. Djokovic won the hearts of animation classic tribute to Kuerten to celebrate the exciting sports Tencent in August 27th the first world, Serbia Djokovic at Wimbledon this year out ahead of time, has been puzzling. Yesterday, in the 2016 U.S. Open event Djokovic in the face of the media, for the first time publicly revealed the reason. Djokovic for us this year’s final victory over Murray, Djokovic finally conquered Roland Garros, realization of personal occupation career Grand Slam dream, won praise from the sports world. The outside world is optimistic about the small German list of small hills, complete the annual grand slam or even a Golden Slam dream. However, the surprise is a small German but ahead of the game at Wimbledon, he then expressed the need to rest for a period of time. What did you do during the break? Until yesterday, the ability to uncover the mystery of small. "Everyone has a tough personal problem, and so do i.. As an ordinary person, we will encounter a lot of things, and strive to overcome so that their growth. For me, this is during wimbledon. Now that things have been settled, life must go on. This is my personal affair. It’s not about my wrist. Now everything is fine, life goes on." Djokovic said going out. It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time because of small private things affect the field results. The 2014 French Open semi-final, Djokovic 1-3 defeat nishikori, achievements of the media in "VS SIRIC impossible nishikori, the US Open final". This is ten years (from 2005 onwards, the Australian Open) Grand Slam final for the first time there is no "big four tennis" figure. In respect of the overthrow of the people, it was also found that the world’s first Djokovic seems to be lost in the marriage and family life. Obviously, during this year’s Wimbledon, Djokovic once again lost in the trivia of life in the family. The U.S. is preparing for the small German, is currently preparing for the stage edge treatment. "The wrist was injured before the Olympics. In the past three and a half weeks, the wrist was not ideal. But I and the medical team are doing their best to ensure that, I can return to 100% in the us." "As an athlete, you need time to recover, but time waits for no one, and the schedule of each year is already arranged. The open close at hand, I don’t have much time. I will try my best to prepare myself." With injuries and pressure, the small German will usher in another grand slam tournament this season test. (winter wheat)