Remember! This time to take a bath after exercise, harm people sweating when most want to wash a cold shower to lift all hot. However, the Ministry of health education and guidance, said Sun Shuxia, chief expert at this time, cold bath is easy to harm health. Don’t bathe immediately after exercise the Ministry of health health education guidance chief expert Sun Shuxia introduction, "after exercise, sweating body emit large amounts of heat, the body sweat glands and capillaries in the open state. A sudden shower with cold water will make the emergency blood supply in capillary contraction, reduce rapidly, resulting in heart rate, blood pressure, muscle contraction, nervous tension. Also easy to cause a cold, dizziness, syncope, and sometimes lead to intracranial hemorrhage, myocardial infarction, etc.." In contrast, after the exercise of warm water bath, not only to help the body out of the sweat, but also to help the body heat of evaporation, but also a systemic relaxation and massage. Sun Shuxia also suggested that the exercise should not immediately take a bath. The heart rate returned to a state of calm after the bath, but also to add nutrients and moisture, and after sufficient rest and then go to the bathroom, so as to avoid collapse. (reporter Qian Yuyang)