Tell you a joke with funds qualifications do not work the annual salary of one hundred thousand small also fund qualification certificate, heard the news after the pumping heads after each investment treasure found in a number of WeChat group, a holding fund qualification certificate of people looking for attachment to the news spread in the circle of friends. According to the news that the attachment is mainly used for shell companies to apply for the fund license, people do not need to punch in the attachment, attachment to the legal representative of the company’s annual salary of up to 100 thousand yuan, affiliated personnel in product success in the Fund Industry Association for the record after the completion of the exit. The main reason of private security shell attachment is: hold the people looking for private equity fund qualification examination pass rate is low, and some private equity executives eager to record security shell. With the examination of the private equity fund executives a total of 11272 people, accounting for 19% of the total number of registered executives in the fund industry association, which participate in the test subjects a total of 10614 people, the rate of 87.1%, a total of 8779 people participated in two test subjects, the rate of 50.1%, a total of 8121 people at the same time in two examinations, 49.1% pass rate, the it means that nearly half of all participate in the examination of private equity executives in two subjects did not meet. This will lead to the shortage of private qualification certificate. Not to punch in the annual salary is 100 thousand yuan, it is the high-end financial industry. But Xiaobian tell you the attachment there is a huge risk of private equity, private equity holder in the company’s problems during the attachment, when responsibility, as the primary responsibility of the legal representative of the company will have to bear the primary responsibility for the attachment to people, because of their attachment to the private company of insufficient understanding, facing huge legal risks. As a private event lost. So the boys need to pay more attention. Xiao Bian just want to be a quiet girl!!! Thank you for every investment news.