A data row was the end of a knight off defeat regret [collection] the eagle knight of the 110-106 big three empty cut 76 points streak news November 9th Knight sports Tencent cracked home court 106-110 enemy eagle knight six, streak end suffered the first defeat of the season. The knight of the game shooting only 37.4% hit a season low, compared with the eagle knight, do not win for their streak ends is purely self inflicted". The eagle knight Hanfu first to be sure, the eagle ball played really well and win in reason. Howard under the basket guarding, effectively destroying the knight’s sudden tactics, James and Erwin are no longer as did the last few games easily attract attack and then find the perimeter teammates. Surely we must remember that last season the Eastern Conference semifinals, the knight three points breakdown rain eagle, the fundamental reason is the eagle could not control James and Erwin breakthrough, now Howard can rely on personal ability to delay the knight two giants starting block, the eagle does not need frequent bag, Knight open three chance to reduce natural. The three is the 42 voted 11. In addition to limiting the break James and Erwin, the field is also completely suppressed by the Tristan – Thompson, so that in 25 minutes of playing time in the game of 0 points and 2 rebounds in the time of minutes. Millsap and Kevin form an explosion, and the eagle spear Schroder and Baez Moore together to cut 53 points, to take over the game at the crucial moment, prevailed and giant eagle Knights attack, will win. Eagle play is good, but the Cavaliers lost or lost to himself. Can be seen from the game scene, the eagle had more careful preparation, but the knight is maintaining the status quo, or more precisely, they did not see what is the name for. When the hawks in the second quarter opened the score difference when the Cavs coach tyronn Lue is not suspended, but let the player shoot the three wave. Lu as winner of natural ability is very strong, but he the game "Inaction" can only be said to be not ready. The Knights of the big three to over 76 points, three points to 20+, but this is only a false fig leaf. Three big offensive efficiency is not good, James in the first half of the cast of only 1 of the vote to get only 2 points, which dragged a lot of the hind legs of the knight of the 5. Erwin the ball to get the highest 29 points, but the shot is cast 16 iron, the ball in the three points of 7 in 1. Le Fu 17 cast iron, three points in the ball 4 of the 0, the efficiency is also general. Do not deny the big three in the second half, especially in the fourth quarter, there is no lack of flash time, almost completed the reversal, but from the whole game, their shooting performance is not ideal. The knight is shooting only 37.4%, this is the first time this season in their hit rate lower than 40%. In the last game of the 76 games, shooting 40.7% knights, they are in the first six games of the season is the worst shooting performance, the knight was almost 76 lore, eventually edged 1 points. Knight apparently did not learn from the game against the 76 person, the field is still cool to the eagle, losing reasonable. It’s a long season, losing a game. Regular season for the Cavaliers was originally found to solve the problem, the preparation process for the playoffs, lose.