Singapore Zika virus infection cases to 275 cases, Health Channel – original title: Singapore Zika virus infection cases to 275 Singapore Ministry of health and the National Environment Bureau 6 evening issued a joint statement, as of 6 noon, Singapore Zika virus infection cases to 275 cases, than before one day increase of 17 cases. Is Vientiane to attend the ASEAN summit in Singapore Prime Minister Li Xianlong called for strengthening cooperation between ASEAN countries, to prevent the spread of the epidemic. According to Singapore media reports, Li Xianlong, 6, said at the ASEAN summit, the local spread of local card cases in Singapore surged in more than a week, Singapore has stepped up efforts to take measures to deal with the epidemic. The mosquito in the Southeast Asian region breeding means Zika virus may become epidemic in the region. Li Xianlong said that ASEAN countries must work together to do a good job in the long-term confrontation with the preparation of the card, but also to ensure regional trade liberalization and China unicom. Singapore National Environment Agency published in 6, said in a statement, and methods to fight dengue is similar to that of vector control is an effective way to reduce Zika virus transmission, the Bureau and relevant departments and the community together, the common fight against Zika virus. As of 5, the National Environment Agency has been found in the epidemic area and the affected areas to eliminate mosquito breeding potential point more than and 130. (reporter Bao Xuelin) (Wang Yawei, right: the commissioning editor Juan)