Ladd sun holiday wedding photos for their good nearly was traced to Ladd and her boyfriend sina sports news Beijing on September 10th news, Poland’s former Wimbledon runner up on Facebook – Agnieszka radwanska aired their beach photos, and said he is preparing for the wedding tomorrow. Some netizens said that the wedding is actually Ladd Vansk coach’s wedding. "I need enough rest before tomorrow’s wedding." Poland girl wrote in the face book. A few days ago, Bystrica good sisters Caroline Wozniacki has revealed that Ladd is almost a good thing, and to marry her boyfriend. Today the face book issued, people can not help but fall into a reverie. Ladd’s fiance Dawid Celt was once an occupation player, born in 1985, the highest singles ranked 852, is now a member of the Poland girls team, a practice. Two people have been identified for a period of time, has been photographed together to go shopping, attend activities. Last year won the year-end championship finals, Radwan happily went to the sidelines, and Celt kiss to celebrate the victory. Married this year, WTA players are still quite a lot, Cibulkova, Pironkova, and the men and women have been put on the white wedding dress happily into the palace of marriage, and so on. (double)