How to improve the ability to shorten the running downhill pace is the key data for cross-country running needs across the obstacles like rocks and roots, its technical difficulty than ordinary road running to be high, even in the flat and uphill terrain. The difficulty was originally ran downhill running technology, especially in cross-country running, the acceleration due to gravity in the downhill, cross-country running exercise, try not to fall into a sprained ankle or the biggest difficulty. 1. Practice makes perfect. find a downhill, especially technical sections, and then again with different speed training. First to overcome fear, practice a lot of nature is not afraid of. 2. Shorten the pace if Overstriding, it would be stranded in the air for a long time, in order not to destroy the speed, shortening your stride will be better, also can make your feet quickly and accurately with. 3. Fast conversion is similar to shortening the pace, fast conversion is also beneficial to the downhill running technology. If you can focus on foot like attention that you basically settled, will roll down. 4. Separation of the body and mind most of the downhill path is uphill, in the race, your body will want to adjust to restore the decline. But don’t let your mind adjust. However, you must let your mind and body separate and stay focused. (source: Weihai Triathlon)