U.S. media: the Lakers do five exchange two star accelerated reconstruction: the Lakers or big NBA 20 years ago to reproduce miracle hit 270 million group of 3 giant Tencent sports news September 17th NBA Dynasty revival of the new season training camp is about to open for the Losangeles Lakers, their lineup of young talent, but lack of experience. The United States media "fansided" today wrote that the Lakers during training camp in the new season of the five transaction, DeMarcus – Test sings, Jimmy Butler and other stars in the column. After Cousins Kobe retired from the game, the Lakers will enter into the reconstruction completely, in accordance with the existing lineup, they in the short term is difficult to complete the recovery, but if the superstar or super nova words through the transaction, it can accelerate the process of reconstruction. The five transaction recommended in the U.S. media "fansided" in which all stars Cousins and Jimmy Butler, in addition to 76 people inside djalil Okafor and norens knoll, and Denver inside in Ed. 76 people inside really crowded, especially after we de comeback, they inside young players too much, Okafor and Noel has been in the trade rumors in. Although the Lakers have signed Mozgov for 4 years and $64 million, but if the change was a young and promising Noel, will add a layer of insurance center. Okafor is the last "third show", although above the field performance is gratifying, but outside the trouble constantly, some people worried about his future. In recent years, the prevalence of small league play, also has a growing need for those super athletic players inside, the Nuggets star Orc in Ed is one of them. Walton de Raymond – Green love is very aggressive and hard law Ed also happens to have this trait, "orcs" can play de Raymond – Green in the warrior role in the lakers. In this year’s draft night, bull almost bid farewell to Jimmy – Butler, but ultimately failed to Minnesota and settled, Butler was able to stay in the bull. Butler has proved himself a great scorer, and if the Lakers can trade with Clarkson and future picks, they will also receive a superstar that will make the team look new. As everyone knows, the Lakers for Cousins has a soft spot, Cousins’s ability is outstanding, from the data, he was "the first center coalition", but the cousins grumpy, quite often the brain short circuit, and coaches contradictions…… and if the Lakers can win Cousins, will also accelerate the reconstruction process. () ()