The rich and China Football League Hengda success like the level of sophistication can not be copied out [] AFC Champions League AFC Champions League Luneng last night, with the Shandong Luneng home court 1 1 draw with Seoul FC, the total score 2 than 4 opponents were eliminated, the super team in the competition this year The whole army was wiped out. AFC Champions League. Even though the game is disappointing Luneng Montillo scored, but seeing a glimmer of light Luneng in the eighty-third minutes again due to inattention and lost the ball, which has almost become the largest gate with many young players in the club. In stark contrast to the team of the South Korean K League, it seems that their morale is always so strong. In contrast, the habit of "massacre" Luneng last night tie, is already a very good showing. Earlier in the day, AFC Champions League new Hong Kong Shanghai suffered a humiliating defeat in 0 than 5, especially eighty-third minutes after the opponent was defeated, lost 3 ball. Don’t stress factors played a few people, as well as Conca and El Eriksson’s absence. In fact, the more important is the gap between domestic players. The first round of 0 to 0 of the score, there is enough room to go to Hong Kong, but unfortunately the domestic players on the port did not prove themselves. 55 million euro price of the introduction of foreign aid Hulk in front of Ray Nardi Neo and Lopez on the other side of isolated and helpless, two affordable fast foreign aid. More important is the north is more like a 11 person team, Hong Kong is more like the Hulk’s team. Hengda success hard to duplicate the super team all out, North and Seoul two South Korean teams reach the semi-finals. The whole North coach Cui Kangxi’s words make Chinese football people blush, we K League and Super League investment gap, but we have the courage to get such a good result." Take a look at the first few days of the kingdom of heaven and South Korea’s game, 3 to 2 of the score can not represent the difference between the two teams. So, don’t blame Gao Hongbo for conservative military forces, his understanding of reality is very clear. The day before yesterday, U19 national green also lost, 1 to 3 lost to Mexico U19 national green. On the field of the same gap is greater than the score. The results of these games in the super copyright sold 8 billion, big foreign aid, big name coaches have to cast the background to see, even more frustrating. The league is rich, and can not explain the level of football become China. Perhaps the League money, how to improve the level of Chinese football? Guangzhou Hengda earlier in the AFC Champions League successful undoubtedly inspired later. Can be more and more precious in the case of domestic players, Hengda success seems to be copied. For Hengda itself, this year’s AFC Champions League out for five years, AFC Champions League team has gradually been aging. Where in the future, not hit the money to buy a few foreign aid will be able to solve.