Media: Wang Dalei together with Su Luneng Luneng recovery relegation situation is excellent Luneng goalkeeper Wang Dalei and Guoan last night a war soon after Luneng came a video — Visiting goalkeeper Wang Dalei after the game to the road for Luneng fans Xie gas field, and the security, there have been some friction. Wang Dalei then crossed to the billboard, Luneng fans and fans to celebrate, but regional security, suddenly rushed blocked Wang Dalei, leading to both physical pushing, while some Guoan fans to Wang Dalei also hit a bottle of mineral water, the final Luneng team came to the front of the fans expedition Xie field, with fans. In spite of trouble, but it is undeniable that the game Wang Dalei’s performance is good, as captain, he not only high low block, at least three times to resolve each other will score, Augusto and Yilmaz will be shut out of national security foreign aid shot, but also saved a penalty. In the body to get 3 points, Luneng’s relegation situation is excellent. After Hong Kong and Hengda the focus of the war, injured CengCheng selected the Chinese football Yan Junling, had saved the GalAT penalty, and continuous defeat Gao Jun Wang Dalei, second days in the same rush point but is more critical penalty way responded. In the recent round of Super League, Wang Dalei recovery together with the Luneng Luneng coach Felix Magath also believes that as long as you keep this state, Wang Dalei should enter the country foot. But this time, Gao Hongbo still did not choose Wang Dalei. The Dalian player who has played well in the Asian cup can only continue to wait at the club.