Cappella said the new rocket system is more suitable for the German commander: he will make a big 30 Team Rocket season preview 30 days open space city run article harden led the new era sports Tencent in October 25th according to the "Houston Chronicle" reported that the Rockets center Clint – Cappella said, he is very suitable for the Rockets’ new tactical system, coach Mike de Anthony expects Cappella to make big things. Cappella look forward to the new season in the preseason, Cappella rebounds in the League ranked eleventh, but the number of rebounds per minute can be ranked in the fifth. Considering that in the middle of this month, Cappella also suffered a hamstring distress, so he so well. "His hamstring and a little problem, but I think he can become better." DAntoni said, "in the last two games he played, he is healthy, I think he looks really good. I’m very excited about his performance. The way he plays is the way we want a center. I’m looking forward to the big things happen to him." In the Rockets last season, Cappella played in 77 games, including 35 games as a starter, during all 19.1 minutes of the time, he can get 7 points, 6.4 rebounds and 1.2 blocked shots, shooting 58.2%. Cappella said the new style rockets for him, four perimeter players with his team, he should be able to help more than grab the preseason offensive rebounds in the regular season. "That is my coach and new things, I know that my work is kept in the course of running, this is my game; pull out the pick and roll, this is my game." Cappella said, "I think they let me do things for me. To complete the offensive rebounds and running." Cappella continued: "I feel good, try to play tough defense, and actively participate in the offensive and defensive conversion. I feel really good, really involved in the team system. We had a lot of break ups and four scorers were on the outside, and I was the only one who could beat the offensive rebound. I have been efforts to this end, I have been able to grab a rebound, I will continue to do so." Cappella is the first round of the 2014 draft pick twenty-fifth players, he is now 22 years old, height of 2.10 meters. Capet has 6.4 points, 6 rebounds and 1.1 blocks in his career so far. It is worth mentioning that, Cappella 6 rebounds among them, there are 2.3 offensive rebounds. (Zhang Lei) copyright statement: This article is the Tencent sports exclusive articles, without authorization, shall not be reproduced, otherwise it will pursue legal responsibilities.