Real Madrid. Basa was taking care of internal exposure: Winning 100 points [] Basa 3-2 report two ball reversal Walunmeixi +93 minutes to kill Basa (official data) thrilling victory over Valencia controversial Tencent sports news October 24th Spain "Marca" news, for the Basa side suspected by the referee to take care of, this is the lore of Valencia. Real Madrid (internal data) very dissatisfied, said members even ablaze with anger, unless to get 100 points, or don’t want to win the La Liga champions real madrid. Last weekend, Barcelona at the Mestalla experienced a bitter struggle, Messi let them break ahead, but Valencia by Munir and Rodrigo counter ultra score, while Suarez helped the team to tie the score, but until the ninetieth minutes of the game, the score was 2-2. Second minutes of stoppage time, the referee Marion C gave Barca a penalty, which was completed by Messi lore. But Valencia is extremely dissatisfied, officer pushed even pointed out that "a penalty was obliterated, an offside is a goal, the opponent has escaped a red card." For Barcelona suspected of being taken care of, "Aspen" a long Cerro expressed dissatisfaction, he believes that Real Madrid should withdraw from La Liga, because the referee in the asylum barcelona. Of course, this argument is still relatively radical. "Marca" reported that Real Madrid within the referee for Barcelona bias was discontent, even pointed out, "I told you, we need to get 100 points, otherwise it can get what." Dias "Marca" reporter Jose Felix pointed out that Barcelona more favored by the official, has been treated better than the other team. In the current circumstances, a bad voice in Madrid breeding, these Real Madrid insiders feel that against Valencia, Barcelona is not the first time to benefit. (Brooke)