Shaanxi Mizhi County traffic police and patrol the street clashes were suspended for investigation and original title: treatment of illegally parked patrol police police in the street "but" China Yulin daily news (reporter Qi Ming) recently, the heat transfer network of Mizhi patrol police and police in the street conflict regarding new progress, the parties involved have been suspended investigation Mizhi County Commission for Discipline inspection. Previously, Mizhi County Public Security Bureau xuntejing brigade four squadron instructor Zhang Weiqiang real-name reporting/real-name whistleblowing said his car was ticketed for the police to produce Jing Guanzheng also refused, and his limbs conflict causing his injuries, the police report lawlessness, breach of privilege. > > net exposure and owners of illegally parked police clash with China Daily reporter noted that net exposure in Mizhi County traffic police illegally parked vehicles and owners of conflict in custody, law enforcement recorder screenshot photos show a yellow man dressed in police uniform by a group of people surrounded by which a traffic police grabbed the yellow man’s neck. It is understood that the video for the yellow man in Mizhi County Public Security Bureau xuntejing brigade four squadron instructor Zhang Weiqiang, in fact, a report said, September 7th 9 pm, he was driving out of work, take the car traffic police found two positive, ticketed, he said the people present to each other do not press against the stop, but was told to find them in the city before Captain Zhao Ying, so Zhang Weiqiang asked to see the other police ID card, two people refused to produce documents after leaving. And when he was ready to drive away, Zhao Ying with four people came before the two sides do not conflict with the words. Zhang Weiqiang said the conflict caused his waist, right arm, chest injury to varying degrees. The morning of September 19th, Mizhi County Public Security Bureau official micro-blog reported that involved Mizhi County Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade squadron of police patrol police brigade police Zhao Yingqian and Zhang Weiqiang were stopped performing their duties, accept the Commission for Discipline inspection. > > video display xuntejing pulled on the police shooting according to the network transmission enforcement recorder video clips, Zhang Weiqiang pulled the car, questioned why the traffic police tore their clothes, and the other answer, let him go, he did not go out. Subsequently, Zhang Weiqiang was forced to Mizhi County Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade Deputy captain Yang Haibo’s office. Yang Haibo: what’s going on? Zhao Yingqian: "Zhang Weiqiang illegally parked, the two dolls gave him a license, he will be law enforcement certificate, I in the past, he said the police, I can say, then go to see the director". Yang Haibo: you know that we are not the police patrol, you know, a unit of the people, we are in the process of law enforcement, there is no good place, you also have the organization leadership, you can give us to reflect, can also correct if there is a mistake in the law enforcement, they have provisions, delete photos must be in the captain signature to delete, the police camera does not have this right, you are not me, you are my, the traffic police do not photograph, you are not the Mizhi County Public Security Bureau…… Yang Haibo said to Zhang Weiqiang: "brother, first, recognize their own problems, second, put themselves in a correct position, do you think you are a few pounds, we want to make sure we are worth." China Daily reporter learned that the video was uploaded to the Internet, the traffic police brigade Deputy captain Yang Haibo’s remarks, in Mizhi County, 8