What is the disease of periarthritis of shoulder?   throw your hands easily counter – Health Channel periarthritis people.com.cn — people.com.cn original title: Frozen what is the disease? Throw your hands easily deal with periarthritis of shoulder rotator cuff "name comes from four pieces of tendon around joints (supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor, subscapularis), like a" sleeve "package protection of shoulder joint. The rotator cuff injury and "Fifty shoulder" as manifestations of shoulder pain and joint function limitation, the difference is the rotator cuff injury had a clear history of trauma, patients often consciously tearing sound, often due to rupture of tendon joint snapping, serious associated with dislocation of shoulder joint and muscle atrophy, if not treated, it is difficult to heal. Two diseases in addition to the need for professional examination, ultrasound diagnosis is a good way. Periarthritis of shoulder is what disease? There is a common clinical biceps tendinitis periarthritis of shoulder, often misdiagnosed as "fifty shoulder". The patient often has shoulder traction or torsional buckling and other minor trauma history or the household had some patients because of the area, and the incidence of cold wind. The pain point is fixed, usually located in the anterior shoulder, sometimes bleeding to the upper arm and neck, will be thought to be caused by cervical spondylosis of nerve pain, no shoulder pain, no treatment is difficult to heal, the symptoms of repeated exacerbations, resulting in limited shoulder function. Check the shoulder before the equivalent of the bicipital humeral head in two the tendon of the long head limitations of deep tenderness. Treatment is mainly based on local closure. Periarthritis of traditional Chinese medicine "arthralgia", "muscle injury" category, cold is often induced by factors, so usually should pay attention to keep warm, keep the shoulder catch cold catch cold. Trauma is another major cause of shoulder muscle strengthening science daily exercise, can also prevent and delay of periarthritis of shoulder, according to a survey on the shoulder muscles of the population, the incidence of periarthritis of shoulder by 80%, so to strengthen the muscles around the shoulder joint ligament, is of important significance for prevention of periarthritis of shoulder. Many types of shoulder joint injury, mechanism of injury varied, once the shoulder pain and limitation of activity, the rest treatment showed no relief, need as soon as possible to the hospital diagnosis, symptomatic treatment, do not think that is the "Fifty scapulohumeral periarthritis of shoulder", to heal, the best time delay treatment and rehabilitation as suddenly, or blindly without treatment the correct diagnosis, aggravating illness. 7 coup against 1 periarthritis of shoulder and elbow flexion easily walk away, back against the wall with stand, or sit on the bed, his arm, elbow, the elbow point as a fulcrum, extorsion activities. 2 fingers, climbing — patients in the face of the wall stood, with a lateral finger slowly crawled along the wall to make the upper limb, to hold, to the greatest extent, make a mark on the wall, and then slowly to the next place, repeatedly, and gradually increase the height. 3, the body shake handshandle patients natural stand, in the upper limb in turning back and stretch posture, the contralateral hand with side hand or wrist, gradually pulled to the side and pull up. 4, the exhibition arm stand – the patient’s upper limb natural droop, arms straight, palm down slowly outreach, upward force to lift, to the maximum limit after stopping for 10 minutes, and then back to the original place, repeated. 5, the back of the spine – natural standing,