The Rockets back-to-back 30+6+15 hanging Nicks harden Anthony 21 [collection] rocket 118-99 Nicks harden 30 + 15 brutal axe split button Tencent sports news November 3rd rockets to 118-99 easily beat Nicks, achieved back-to-back second win at Houston still experienced continuous road trip, after the game, they have three the road. Harden 30 points and 6 rebounds and 15 assists. Harden led the team to win the Nicks Rockets team technical statistics data data Anthony 21 points and 7 rebounds and 1 assists, Harden 30 points and 6 rebounds and 15 assists, Ross 16 points and 4 rebounds and 4 assists, Gordon 21 points and 3 rebounds in 4 small three points 3 points and 8 rebounds, Bohr Tianjin 3 cap Anderson 16 points and 9 rebounds and 4 three points in the field star ha: board performance against a knight of the pink of perfection, Harden had 41 points and 7 rebounds and 15 assists recorded, the back-to-back hit Nicks, Harden is still fierce. He scored 30 points, 6 rebounds and 15 assists in the game, and the offensive efficiency is extremely high. It can be said that the cornerstone of today’s single handedly, completely blow out. The trend of the game: Nicks Anderson’s defense before the rocket swing was criticized by many people, but his attack was not a problem after the opening, he scored 8 points, hit a good start for the rockets. Nicks’s bad defense, invisible also magnifies the rocket attack power, harden two free throws, the score became 20-12, then Anthony harden steals fast break layup, two points extended the lead to two digits. Nicks immediately counterattack, Thomas long-range hit the Ross raid layup again. But the Rockets immediately counterattack, harden last-minute breakthrough dunk, Houston leading 33-25 to the end of the first quarter. This thought can use substitute to battle to get some points, but Nicks apparently miscalculated. The Rockets bench is still fierce, Ernest Breuer layup after the raid fouls two free throws, 43-28. From the holiday is not easy to hit, Gordon again three points outside. The two sides in the section of the difference always hovering around 15 points, but with harden back in play, Nicks’s defense fell apart, Macdaniels in the first half before the end of 2 minutes and 53 seconds to hit three points, 62-42. It is going to take a 20 point backward into the second half, Mike buzzer hit three points, 68-51. The duo Anderson and little Gordon hit consecutive three points, the Rockets still keep the advantage. Despite Anthony’s hard work, the game is still deteriorating. In desperation, muskmelon in fined a ball in the bottom line, but also to spray a few trash harden. But this has stimulated the harden mood, flank hit three points, assists Harel dunk finish harden. Three with 1.7 seconds left, with strong defensive harden for three, again! 100-78, the three section score, the basic failure is determined. Little Gordon’s three point ball is still sharp, and then outside the line, 106-84. Jennings outwire pengci get 3 free throws. Harden then substitute, obviously, de Anthony hope yigunzidasi opponent. The cornerstone of deliver the goods, continuous hit three points, 112-86, before the end of the game 4.