World Cup – paillet shot Berg Pakistan Jiangong France 2-1 wins Sweden – Sohu sports Beijing time on November 12th at 3:45 in the morning, the 2018 World Cup European zone qualifying group A fourth round with a group phase angle of " heated at the Stade de France; > gaoqingtu: Pogba boxing show arm muscle paillet wings domineering slide on November 12th Beijing time 3:45 in the morning, the 2018 World Cup European zone qualifying group A fourth round a group phase fierce competition at the Stade de France, the French team home court against Sweden. In the first half, the two sides have no achievements. The second half, Berri Fuchs kick directly broke the deadlock paillet header equaliser bogeba assists, subsequently, paillet Jiangong counter ultra score. In the end, France in the first battle of the victory, in the standings continue to lead. Two teams in the last 6 games, the French team scored 3 wins, 2 draws and 1 negative results, the upper hand. As this summer’s European Cup host, the French team all the way into the finals but eventually fell to stride forward singing militant songs, in Portugal’s feet, but this has been fully proved that the current strength of the French team. The French team the last 6 games is the state of bursting, made 4 wins and 2 draws, did not defeat fruit. Although Sweden broke into the European Cup this summer, but only a group of three tour. As a representative of the Nordic team, Sweden has been adhering to their own high style, but the results are not warm. In the A group in the first 3 rounds of the game, the French team and the Swedish team are 2 wins and 1 draws to get a score of 7, and the two teams are to throw the ball into the top 1 goals, the two teams tied for the first place in the group. So for France and Sweden, this game was also a top team worthy of the dispute. Players, Evra after a lapse of four months to return to the national team and start the game, Ji Lu as a single arrow. Before the start of the game, the audience for a year before the violent terrorist victims of silence. Second minutes, the ball to the front of the restricted area to do the ball, Pogba arc at the top of the left foot shot far angle, the ball out of the left side of the column. Sixth minutes, Sidibe left the restricted area of defensive foul, Sweden opened the ball after Guy de Siti small box foot pad shoots, but not to be able to play power, Valane quickly cleared. Subsequently, the French team fought back, nushe paillet restricted area on the right towards the ball, but the ball over the crossbar. Fourteenth minutes, the left paillet penalty area the ball hit the door inside, Olsen diving saves the ball out the bottom line. Subsequently, Paye pass, bogeba line of area right foot directly hit the door, the ball slightly higher than the beam. Seventeenth minutes, bogeba outside the area a try – distance shot, but the ball was hit in the stands. Subsequently, GIRU ball, Sissoko got the ball outside the area after the right foot shot the ball inscribed waving, like a bullet of a wide upper right corner. Twentieth minutes, the Swedish counterattack pass in the left Lori in time before Toivonen headed the ball hit a single palm, Du Er Mads forbidden area right foot shot the ball wide of the left post. Twenty-third minutes, Guy de Siti pass, the central area right foot shot Toivonen, defensive player of the ball was blocked. Subsequently, although the French team continued to attack, but it is difficult to break Rui)