90% pregnant women will make the parturient bogey, see you in the Sohu the original maternal welcome individuals share media, reproduced please contact the author! The doctor about dove. After about 40 weeks of incubation time, finally ushered in the liberation day. However, the more close to give birth, pregnant mother feel more nervous, more prone to all kinds of problems. Today we gave those who count many women will be made in six. Taboo: too much tension in the spirit of a lot of pregnant mothers have fear of the production of the psychological, and even lead to mental stress, become extremely sensitive to the pain of childbirth, such as discomfort. So, the more intense the more painful the more depressed. To ease the coup: learn a little knowledge of production, pregnant mammy fears mostly caused by the pregnant mother to make blind and disorderly conjectures, read some books or magazines about childbirth in the prenatal, understand the course of labor, fear will gradually ease the pregnant mother! Don’t make blind and disorderly conjectures will not be troubled by nightmare. In addition, pregnant mothers can think more about the baby cute appearance, so as to be able to distract the attention of mothers pain and fear. Two taboo: impatience to psychological doctor said the labor day, but the little guy refused to come out, Mommy is anxious to start, for fear of what the accident. To ease the coup: in fact, due before or after more than and 10 days is normal. But if there is no more than ten days, should go to the hospital for examination. So, don’t be too impatient, the lovely baby will come to you. Taboo: three without adequate preparation is not adequate antenatal preparation is a small part of primiparous pregnant Mammy mistakes. These "careless" Mommy in the last months of not fully prepared, when the labor rush, accident prone. To ease the coup: ready for the package to be produced in the prenatal last month, such as baby milk powder, milk bottles, women underwear, pyjamas. If you do not have to be hospitalized in advance of the pregnancy in advance to consider a good way to go to the hospital, as far as possible to avoid traffic jam road. Four taboo: too busy too tired to have good physical store delivery, but if the birth body fatigue, will inevitably affect the birth. To ease the coup: in ten days before the birth, life should be the law, have a good rest, recharge, for production. Taboo: five drug abuse pregnant mother and relatives can not act, drug abuse, also can not arbitrarily oxytocic injection, so as to avoid serious consequences. To ease the coup: childbirth is a normal physiological activities, generally do not need medication. If it is necessary to use drugs, it is necessary to allow the doctor to use. Six: ignore the diet taboo relief coup: late pregnancy, pregnant mother is gradually action inconvenience, appetite is also very good. This time the need to control the diet, do not eat sweets and high calorie foods, so as to avoid the baby too large and affect the smooth production. In addition, the pregnant mother not too lazy, don’t lie in bed, may be appropriate to do some easy movement, such as walking, doing exercises, pregnant women in the indoor walk properly, which contributes to the smooth production, reduce the pain of childbirth. ".相关的主题文章: