Department: 2017 national test scores is more prominent new network have both ability and political integrity in October the new network based – 25, the Department spokesman Li Zhong said today that the 2017 national civil service examination is more prominent, have both ability and political integrity to Germany for the first standard, it should be said that the exam is a foundation, but not to test scores to decide whether people, more important is to make the examination and study together, to fully understand the political and moral conditions and other relevant candidates through investigation. Human resources and social department held a press conference this morning, informed the third quarter of 2016, the progress of the work of human society. A reporter asked, "the national exam yesterday has been registered, and this year the country to test a lot of Posts eight thousand or nine thousand people apply, and some people who sign up for the post, and even no one sign up, why would this happen? What are the new features of this year’s national examination registration compared with previous years?" Li Zhong said, China is working on the civil service recruitment agencies directly under the central authorities and, in recent days is the focus of the society. This work has been officially closed from 15 pm to yesterday afternoon at 6 p.m.. Now preliminary statistics, the number of online enrollment is 2 million 115 thousand people, slightly more than last year. The number of people who pass the qualification examination is 1 million 360 thousand. Qualification work will continue for a few days, we will review the work after the end of the whole, the overall situation of the application to the public. Li Zhong introduced, and every year, some jobs always enrollment is relatively concentrated, there are some relatively small positions and even some jobs now no one apply, this situation is quite normal. In Li Zhong’s view, some positions are the number of applicants is relatively concentrated, mainly because of the position of academic, professional work experience or other requirements of relatively broad examinee choice is relatively large. Li Zhong said that this year’s civil service recruitment is to adhere to and inherited the previous practice on the basis of the more prominent the following characteristics. First is to pay more attention to the grassroots. Provincial authorities recruit jobs, unless there are special requirements or special requirements, all the requirements for more than two years of grass-roots work experience. City level institutions, college graduates can apply for. In addition to the central authority of the institutions directly under the municipal special arrangements for the following positions, the proportion of 15% for targeted recruiting has the service expires examination of qualified college-graduate village official, three of a help people, this is the outstanding grassroots oriented. Two is for some of the hard edge of remote areas to relax entry conditions. In 2014 the Department in conjunction with the Central Organization Department issued on improving the civil service examination work in remote areas difficult to recruit the grass-roots opinion, especially in some remote areas difficult position below the county in the academic and professional work experience restrictions, etc., can be appropriate to relax. In order to further solve the problem of difficult to recruit and retain people, for some of these hard remote areas below the county also allow a certain percentage of the position to recruit local staff or local students. Three is more prominent with the standard of cadres to choose. The recruitment of more prominent have both ability and political integrity,.