The league’s three people have the same origin fire team MVP dispute into civil war once the thunder three brothers are now less MVP level in 2007 second – Kevin Durant. 2008 fourth, Russell – Westbrook. 2009 third, James harden. This is the Oklahoma City in the past 10 years for the three super giant alliance with, of course, you can also say that Kevin Durant was selected by the Seattle supersonics, however, you must admit that the team just for the local, uniform group did not appear too big change, they are on their own. The composition of this talent and vision full of combination in a certain period of time, which is completely different from the 2007 Boston’s big three, also in 2010 three with Miami labangjiehuo giant upgrade. They were the best mode of talent in this league consists of three giants, but now they have to live on their own, and became the three most eye-catching guy in the league in 2016 October 29th. Westbrook left behind Oklahoma City, and it looks like he and Kevin – Durant, "John" may, after he knew that in Durant announced his choice of warriors, Oklahoma City became a person of his territory, he must be like a bull – Michael – Jordan and Kobe as the shark left a man carrying a team forward, after Philadelphia’s tough journey, he in October 29th this day is carrying the hopes of the people of the city appearance, he is eager to prove himself, he wanted to tell the world that he can give the city the right answer, although the blacksmith countless, but everyone knew now Oklahoma in addition to Westbrook, the rest of the players was flat, and Westbrook with his crazy to answer all the time, even though the final in the regular 5 seconds he forehead fever, shingler in the circle Give him a complete top pick, he chose 3 shots – this is not his best, then the game into overtime overtime, of course, to finish the season Westbrook first chance in three pairs, first in Philadelphia, Ola finally shot into the depot and let him pass — only three double the lack of an assist. This time in the home court, he is still a double difference distance of three assists, fortunately the game went into overtime, which for Westbrook three double is almost a godsend, and eventually he with a 51 points and 13 rebounds and 10 assists to everyone the most satisfactory answer, but to 50 at the beginning of the three double NBA is divided for the first time in history! A little less than careful to create history. It also needs to be emphasized is that the field is less than one person crazy shot 44 times, while the other teammates shot a total of 52 times. Harden was after the transaction has to adhere to Houston, which made him the core rocket well, Beijing time on October 29th, the Rockets with the shadow of failure came to Dallas, they need a win, and they need a better team series harden, harden needs his teammates more awesome, to know that he is in first sent 17 assists, can do all this kind unexpectedly is futile, to Dallas, harden is more reasonable, and his big heart)